Where to eat in Sydney?

We are up in Sydney for the weekend staying in darlinghurst. Can any locals recommend good places to eat that are good value, not full of w*nkers and perhaps something different to Melbourne.
A friend has recommended The Apollo in Potts Point- any good?

A breakfast cafe recommendation would be appreciated too thanks.

Cheers, and sadly no bike!

Ding Tai Fung @ world square. Best. Dumplings. Ever.
The Mercentile @/in the rocks. Nice ‘irish’ pub food.

Ding Tai Fung is good indeed.
Jimmy Liks is on Victoria St near Kings Cross train station and it is really good. The tasting menu is good value and you get to try everything.
The Commons is also pretty good, I think it’s on Burton St in Surry Hills. If you want a ma-hassive chicken schnitzel, Una’s is on Victoria St between the fire station and the hospital. It’s not great, but not bad. The schnitzel will hang over the sides of your plate.

Thanks heaps guys, will look them up. Sensing a strong Asian cuisine preference here!

The Commons would be my pick. They have Murray’s Whale Ale on tap!

Plenty of options in the area…

Kika, Victoria St Darlinghurst. Good tapas but tapas is always expensive.
Fratelli Fresh in Macleay St Potts Point is a reliable favourite of mine… has great Italian.
Four in hand has great pub meals (really way too good to be called a pub meal, but you can eat it at the bar or in the separated restaurant, different menus in each). Lord Dudley also has a great restaurant downstairs.

If you like yum cha, the Chinese palace restaurant in Piccadilly is really, really good for a weekend lunch.

Miss chu’s tuck shop has good dumplings and Vietnamese noodle salad.

For breakfast, go and hassle Kanye in bondi!

Hell yeah, which one is it? Would love to talk weight weenie with the master


Maya Masala on Cleveland st, Surry Hills, for the best Indian you’ll ever eat. All veg, if that matters (I’m not and still reckon it’s the best ever. It’s the place that specializes in all the fairly hideous Indian sweets - ignore them and get the meals. Get a thali each and if you want more grab a masala dosa, an uttapam and/or whatever the grilled veges/paneer is called to share.

Fuck, I’m dreaming about it right now. I miss that place.

Le Paris Go

There are too many good places to eat in Sydney. It’s one of the few things that are still great about living here.

paris cafe cuz… i’ll even buy you coffee.

it really depends on how much money you wana spend… that area is very high density with awesome places to eat…

the el loco is the best mex you can get, toko on crown for japanese that will floor you, mint for Moroccan, onde for french, long grain for thai
there are many many many places to eat in that demographic that are amazing

if you got the time come down to the paris cafe in bondi. make it very early or late afternoon ( better for having a nice wine/beer ) as its a crazy busy place

Thanks kanye we’ll try and drop in tomorrow arvo

Oscillate Wildly in Newtown if you want swanky but not wanky. In fact you’re pretty much spoilt for choice on King St (Newtown) too many restaurants. Also Bitton in Erskineville does a top breakfast.

Fuck yeah Bitton for a Croque Monsieur.

avro = beer and tasty french cardy :slight_smile:

Next time I’m in Syd I’m going to come and hassle Kayne at Paris cafe as well ha. Only suiting as I have a French name/lineage.

Some thing I look forward too

Vini or Berta in surry hills for around the $30 main. Excellent hybrid cuisine.

Newtown for thai or vietnamese. <15 main.

Chinatown to ‘Chinese Noodle Restaurant’ (not chinese noodle house) for dumplings or Xian fried noodles <$10.

Redfern to ‘strrangers with candy’ for the one of the best dinners ive ever had in Sydney.

Darlinghurst/Bondi is full of wankers. Avoid.

Bondi Hipsters - On Bondi Beach - YouTube

How do you know that cuz? You read it on the Internet?

There is a place called ‘the eating house’ in redfern that is ment to be off the hook.

+4 on Ding Tai Fung, Una’s, Maya and Strangers With Candy. Hit up The Bunker on Liverpool Street (Darlinghurst) for rad coffee and breakfast - can get busy though. If you’re in the city Ichiban Boshi does some great Japanese, different to most of the Japanese I’ve found in Melbourne. Top notch Pide can be had at either Erciyes in Surry Hills or Saray in Newtown. If you’re willing to pay a little extra (not a lot) head to the Eat House Diner in Redfern for a delicious meal. There’s more that will come to me.

Oh, and just before I left a guy named Tony took over the kitchen at Cricketers Arms and he was doing some magic stuff. I’m not sure if that’s still going though.