where to get knog lights?

hey guys,

any idea where to get knog geckos in canby?
been looking for them around.


online ?

Knog shop?

dont know about canby but every bike store in melbourne seems to have them and believe it or not but the knog shop DOES stock them im just not sure if canby stocks knog shops. is that canberra your talking about?

100% knog

364 chapal street. south yarra

order from www.knog.com.au

or pop in and see the guys in the shop better prices then the other bike shops aswell. and heaps of new sick stuff! like chrome shoes and apparel also shweet cadence clothing.

good luck.

Surprisingly there’s actually only one Knog shop and it’s in Melbourne. Strangely enough, not everyone on this forum is from said city.

Apollo are the national distributors of Knog, so your LBS should be able to order them from those guys. Unfortunately, global demand means that stock levels are always pretty low and it can be hard to get what you’re after. For that reason, buying from knog.com.au may be the best bet.

pay for a banner ad KNACKERS you little brandwhore :evil:

i dont know where to buy them but from a motorists perspective they are absolutely shit and you can barely see them

if you want to die though they are probably a great purchase

second that. Knog lights are definately form over function - just about every other LED light on the market is brighter. Question: why would you want a light that looks like it made from semen jelly anyway? :smiley:

So I’m guessing knackers works there eh?
Jamie has a banner, why not get a knog one?
Also, I have a skink on the back and it’s all kinds of bright.

i sure don’t

Also consider the knog ‘fakes’ on DealExtreme.com

at about $5 for both front and rear, you could get about five sets for the price of two knog ones (I own both real knog and the fake ones… there’s really not much difference, in fact the fake ones have an extra flashing mode.)

yeh, i just ordered a bunch of stuff from dealextreme. got a couple of the frog knock-0ffs as auxiliary/helmet/bag light and these other ones that look a little like some of the other knogs, but more like lego bricks. 3 led’s each. i think about 3 bucks a pair, free shipping. also, 50 tube patches for a couple of bucks, and 20 batteries for my flashy lights for about 6 bucks. I’d feel bad for getting stuff so cheap, except they all come from the same factory anyway. hello global commerce.

I spent a good few hours browsing the amount of random junk/gadgets/crap on that website.

For a laugh, check out the massage/adult section.

Didn’t think about tube repair patches actually, might grab some of those too. Free shipping and prices like that make me happy, also kind of makes me want to set up a store at Paddys markets…

can someone link me to the knog rip offs?


I think I’d probably feel weird having rip off’s of something.
Pay up and buy the idea, not the scungey copy.
Plus, knog shit has a guarantee or something.

yeah, thanks for all the updates. went to south yarra over the easter break.
epic place and finally some city life from the dead old canberra.

got an orange frog and red skink.

they should match nicely on my bike. :smiley:

Yeah half of the knog lights don’t have enough led’s. I have the 4 led ones (skink) and they are definitely visible enough to cars. The frogs though are a joke.