Where to get my bike built Melbourne

Where should i get my bike built in melbourne?
And what price should/would i be looking for.
If anyone has the right tools, they could Pm me and do it themselves (I’d like to learn how to build it aswell)
I know most of it, but wouldn’t want to stuff anything up.
Thanks in Advance.

Also, if there is a thread like this (couldn’t find) could you please pm the url and delete this thread, thanks.

Shifter bikes
also, pony bikes.
Google them. I don’t know pony bikes but I hear good things. I’ve been into shifter bikes to get spares and shit, hipsters wet dream, that place.

yeah but price? He quoted me 125 which sounded pretty rich where as saint cloud said 80 an hour…

It’s all in the name perhaps?
more experience and stuff, more you can charge.
Not saying that Nick from saint cloud isn’t experienced, he seems to know his shit.
Lbs built a bike for me for $40 once. But that’s prolly cos they love me.

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Yeah good point, i thought it was just section “Melbourne”

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Abbotsford cycles are reasonably priced I think.

But you should have a go at it yourself. You can’t stuff it up that bad, and you wont need that many tools, which are a good investment anyway. Basic tools needed, bb tool, cable cutters, crank/pedal spanner, crank puller, chain tool, misc allen keys, tub of grease. Plus, you’ll love your bike that much more knowing that you put it together yourself.

Only thing I didn’t do is install headset cups because I cbf building my own press and that is prob the most expensive tool to buy.

Yeah, this might be a good idea, so i’ll put it all together bar the headset?

go into Abbotsford
then talk about aerospuds
and simon may just kill you

125 is very reasonable for a quality build. Labour don’t come cheap.

Ponybikes are really good. sasha’s very helpful and will be straight up with you in regards to what you do and don’t need. she’s actually passed on opportunities to sell me things because I’ve not needed them…yet.

think it’s ponybikes.com.au from memory.

good luck


You found a place to build it yet sash at pony bikes is good and well priced but I have to say $125 is a fair price for the years of knowledge Dan has as a mechanic. You could just get the bb and the headset done and work out the rest you will learn a lot that way.

if you want to build it yourself and don’t want to stuff it up go to ceres bikeshed cos they have got all the tools and the know what to do

Home, BikeShed

I agree. Then there’s the cost of rent, electricity, tools and fittings, insurance, strippers etc etc
If everything is done and it’s built perfectly I’d think it money well spent.

Dan’s doing another for me at the moment. Worth every cent IMO.

So true, I had a bike built for me once and rode it a few times compared to the one I have built and am still in some ways building. Just wear dirty clothes, I underestimated the dirtiness of it until I got out the grease and ruined a shirt in the process.

The hardest bits for me were the cranks (I felt like I was re threading everything but it all fitted fine with a help of a hammer and a screwdriver). I still have A LOT to learn and it’s much better if you have a willing friend by your side or someone whom you can ask the worst questions without getting an awkward laugh and a strange look!


Made me take a mental note, don’t buy anything used form Fausto!

I don’t plan to sell anything from this bike aha, the front wheel is full of rust, the freshly painted frame is now chipped and dirty, and the seat is peeling.
But it rides!