Where to mount front brake on Bull-Horn bars?


Depends on the lever and preference.

examples please?

Google images + bullhorns + brake

inline/cyclocross topbar or bmx lever

dropbar lever

time trial lever

Brake goes on the fork, not on the bars. Brake lever on the bars. Does this help? :wink:

Guess I should start re-reading my posts before I post them hey?

You guys are ruthless!!!

It’s a tough crowd. Get used to it.

What MarkB and everyone else said.

But I’ve noticed in the last week you’ve wanted wooden risers, track drop bars and bull horns.

Three bikes?

This is tame bro, it’s been fairly ‘nice’ around here for the last few months. I hear the undergrowth is tinder box dry and could ‘flame’ up at any moment.

I was just interested in the wooden ones for later when I’ve gotten used to riding fixed.
I ordered track drops from Ebay but got sent bull horns. I tried them out and they look good so I was just wondering about where the best place to put the brake lever would be.
I negotiating with Ebay Seller currently if they would reply to my phone calls and message via Ebay.

Thanks everyone for all your help though

…and the fact george is back posting increases the flammability! :evil:

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thread derailed into pub chat, and answer to question posted already