Where to stay 08 - 10th February

Hey folks,

I will be down in Canberra from 08 - 10th February to do a course and will need a place to stay for me and my bike. The course will be held at Stromlo but I will have a car with me and can drive. I’m pretty much looking for something cheap but not dodgy and most importantly a place where I can either take my bike into the room with me or a place that has lock up facilities.


I will talk to the wife tonight.

You should probably talk to your wife every night. Just sayin’.

Whatever the outcome may be, thanks already!

Yo Marc - you are welcome to stay in the Ezy residence. If you are okay with knowing you have slept on the same bed as Lorday and Rolly, then go ahead.

I’ve also got a spare bed, but my moustache is nowhere near as captivating as Ezy’s

You guys are the greatest!!! I dont know for whom of you it would be easier to have me as I don’t want to create any hassle though. I’ll probably rock up with dirty and sweaty MTB clothes each night did I mention that :wink: I’ll be in touch, the course is confirmed but I am yet waiting for some details.

Hopefully I can ride with you at one point!

Hey Ezy (and Keith thanks for your offer as well, very much appreciated), I’ve now learned that the accommodation is taken care off but many thanks anyway. Would have loved to sleep in the bed of legends. Anyway, we may get a ride in or two if you are up for it. My course goes until around 5pm and as I will be in Stromlo already anyway I’d suggest we’ll go for a ride there and you show me around. A beer afterwards doesnt sound too bad to me either. I’ll be riding my MTB all day though so expect me to take it easy on the ups. Let me know what you think and we’ll be in touch.
Thanks again for the offer guys, awesome things going on here!

Yup Yup - all good! Where are you staying?

As for riding Stromlo after work - easy peasy. Did it last night. Hopefully I can show you bits that you wouldn’t be riding during the day. There is a lot to explore.

Marc, are you doing the level 1 MTBA course?

The level 1 PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) course but that as nothing to do with the MTBA as far as I know.

You guys are having it really nice up there, I had a blast.

@Ezy, sorry that I didnt contact you but I was actually quite dead at the end of the day and had to prepare some stuff for the day after. I’ll be back very soon though and would love to go for a ride. Due to making a course I wasnt able to ride as much as I would have liked but felt the great potential the area has. I’d also love to explore the trails other then Stromlo (which I really liked though, needed to adjust my riding but as the dusty trails where slippery as).

Yeah, Stromlo this time of year is slippery/drifty!