where's the passion

This was bad enough

But this USD$17500 thing?:

Omg i thought you wrote $1750 and was thinking thats okay

But what does v-salad think?

Varies from this:

A really nice looking bike, with special Campy bits.

To this:

Ugh. Another bike destined to be hung on a wall of a Hedge Fund dude’s third home…

And all points between…


Even for what it is its hella pricey.

looks like an all city

So they’ve given up selling bikes to real riders and are making money from brand-new collectors’ items. Ho hum.

Like I said on Facebook, if Ernesto can do it so can Eddy (the Ottanta was £11,500 3 years ago and the C60 Anniversary is £9,300. In contrast, this is £10,500)

Not sure why there is so much hate and I don’t remember similar hate for the Colnagos when released. Maybe because it’s made from stainless steel and not carbon fibre? Or because it’s against some Velominati rule that its unromantic when hard men try to make money?

because those who feel hate for this are likely to express it whereas those who feel meh (such as myself) are just as likely to…meh

Colnago has produced overly-hyped flashy bikes for collectors (amongst some nicely designed stuff) for decades while Merckx has generally had a reputation for workmanlike machines for bike riders. Now Merckx has opted for the overpriced pretentious approach. In the words of that great Aussie philosopher, “Such is life” but I don’t have to like the change of direction.