which bike lock?

I must say where I live (Cobram) I can safely leave my pride anywhere locked up with my helmet and kniw I will return to find it safe and sound, however I am off to Hobart this weekend and have bigger cities on the radar.
So I need to get a locking device, without over kill what can people recommend, now I should say I am asking from the perspective of chasing my bike down Bourke st Mall a few years ago after locking it up about 30 metres from where I sat for lunch with simple combination lock…I didnt catch him!!!

A THICK cable lock.

Generally lighter than U locks. Come in various lengths and easy to travel with. If you’re not using quick releases anywhere on your bike, all you need is a short cable lock to hold down your frame. Good for leaving your bike for short periods of time. For longer periods I would suggest two locks.


thanks des,
a cablle lock with a padlock or pre atetched combination or key lock?


another vote for cables. the one with a lock in it, i stay away from combos cos i always forget them. main thing is to lock it in a high ped traffic area. i reckon people will be less likely to break out a hacksaw infront of midday shoppers and suits… kryptonite cables are great.

What JP said. Use a pre-attached cable lock that uses a key.

And if possible park near better and more vulnerable bikes :slight_smile:

Thanks all,
much appreciated!

I don’t want to jinx myself, but Hobart’s pretty safe as far as locking up goes. Keep it somewhere visible and you should be pretty right. Just don’t leave it locked up outside overnight if you can help it.

I rock a Specialized combination cable lock.

thanks for the tip sekt, looking forward to Hobart, must say though will ahve some gears on board for those big hills, I am a bit of a nancy at the best of times, you guys have any group rides over the weekend at all?

You could always attach a small note to your lock that says “I’m watching you”, for added safety!

Never underestimate the usefulness of a U-Lock…

… for smacking a thief over the head… or heads in the case of Tasmanians…

runs and hides

ok, cable locks are useful if you think your ride is going to be fairly safe anyway.
other than that they are comparitivly useless.
yuo can cut most plain cable locks with just a set of cable cutters, and it takes about 20 seconds.
if you want to use a cable lock, make sure you use one with the armoured link shrouding.
abus make a few decent ones, and of all people so do on guard. the krypotonite ones are fantastic but cost a bomb.
think about the length, if you get a slightly longer one you’ll wear probably end up wearing it over your shoulder, a little shorter and you can wear it around your waist.
so while a cable lock is ok, you need to have a good think about it.
u locks are good, and if you have a short length of cable loop as well, you can lock the wheels.
whwen i’m working, i use either an ABUS shrouded cable lock, or an ON GUARD one.
hope this helps

I’m riding my mountain bike around at the moment, so don’t worry about gears, haha.

I don’t do any group road rides, but there are a few about. When you get here head into McBain’s in Bathurst St or Ray Appleby’s or Ken Self Cycles (both in Elizabeth St) and ask them. They’ll be able to hook you up with times and places.