Which frame size???????????

I am about 181cm’s tall, the weird thing on my body is my head, so rest of me is in proportion.

which size is for me?

  1. 53 c-c = 56.5 c-t, 54.8 top tube, 130 head tube, 272 bb height, 31.49 standover, 73 head angle, 74 seat angle, fork rake 37.5.
  2. 57 c-c = 60.5 c-t, 57.5 top tube, 160 head tube, 272 bb height, 33.03 standover, 75 head angle, 74 seat angle. fork rake 28.

Any help appreciated, yes if you feel the need for smart-arse comments feel free.

well I’m about your height and ideally ride a 56.5cm square frame. I think. That’s the average frame size in my stable. So I guess you’d be about that. Is this for a track bike? If so that first one seems to have a slightly too short top tube and the second one slightly too long. It’s easy to get short stems but the toe overlap on a too-small track bike could be doubleplus bad.

  • Joel

I am 186cm, and my road bike is a 58cm top tube, and my track bike is more like a 57cm (both have same seat tube height).

I would be thinking the smaller one mate, if worst comes to worst, you can just put a 10mm longer stem on, and not know the difference.

Thanks Joel. Yeah it is for a boards bike (track). Getting a sweet deal I think, it’s just a bummer that they only have two sizes left. But I will go for the larger one.


Thanks as well Rhino
But i think the larger frame would be better, main reason being is you can shorten stem and seat post if needed, as well i like frames that are bigger.

Getting a spicer?

and the fork rake and angles are much more “Track”. The seattube length, I notice, is c-t so subtract around 1.5cm for c-c distance giving a 59. My current project (road) bike is a 60cm c-c seattube and a 58cm top tube. Should still be fine. 90mm stem.

  • Joel

Hey mate,

I’m 183 cms tall.

The Hoffy is a 57.5 seat and 56.5 top c-c. I’m running a 110 stem and its a little cramped.

My OZ frame (currently being built up) is a 59 seat c-c and 58 top. I’m thinking this will fit well with a 110 or 100 stem and feel comfortable, but I can let you know by Sunday Week when i’m hoping to have it on the boards!!

The road bike is a 57 top with a 120 stem.

Hope this helps a bit.

When are you planning on coming over to DISC?

And what really is normal proportions for a human?? :?


Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, yes.


If Rhino is coming down on Tuesday night I’ll be there, to heckle Tristan and Rhino and you if you like. Any one looking for mechanical support that night?

Not sure if I’ll make it next tuesday.

Flying back from hobart and i think we land about 7:30. See what the missus says about me heading out to the track that night.

who brings in SPICER?

Don’t you have a fucking hillman?

Don’t you have a fucking hillman?[/quote]

You can fuck’n talk, how many bikes do you have?

You can never have enough bikes!!!
It’s all about the thrill of the project and when the project is finished a divorce is inevitable.

So who brings Spicer in?

Direct Order I think. That larger sized frame seem/looks alright, and the price as advertised on the website is quite cheap indeed.

There aren’t any dealers on this side of the world. A frame that goes from Taiwan, via USA, to me hopefully. Bizarre thing is Spicer also get KHS frames of the exact geometry, just with KHS stickers. With stickers extra $50.

Got the frame today and I’m impressed, not bad for $380.00 AUD frame and fork package. Yes i know, pictures, pictures, pictures, coming soon, when i can be arsed.

$380 inc postage?? Not bad at all.

Including postage, everything except agro from the wife for having another frame.

Including postage, everything except agro from the wife for having another frame.[/quote]