Which front wheel to buy

Hey all.

Been running deep v’s on my bike for a while now and I’ve got some spare moneys to buy a new front wheel.
I’ve got quite a few options which I would like some help deciding on.

I’ve never bought from Wiggle so I don’t know if they have a good or bad reputation, there’s a few on there that caught my eye.

wiggle.com | SRAM S27AL Competition Clincher Front Wheel | Road Race Wheels

wiggle.com | Easton EA90 Aero Clincher Front Wheel | Road Race Wheels

I’ve got a sram crank set so im sure it would be a good quality wheel, but I’ve never heard of easton so some feedback would be good.

Also thought about going with a H+ SL42 but then I have to buy hubs etc, so not sure how much that would end up costing.

Any other wheels around that price range that people think might be a good fit?

Apparently Tenys are pretty popular up north.

Go the H-son, speak to boys at GEAR. I got a rim and had them sent to Velocity for a new low flange hub and lace up for me. Came in around the $150 + Rim so def in your price range and supporting Aussie, win win.

The wheels you are looking at are low spoke hole count radial laced,
These are a nice road wheel but not a do everything wheel.

Like lokione said go see gear, look at a archertype laced to a phil, white ind, miche or somthing

spok or gtfo. why are we having this conversation?


If you have to ask what sort of front wheel to buy as a first up post, without any indication of what bike or style of riding then we can only assume you need an aerospoke. Anything else is trying too hard.

this on fleabay, its a 650, bit smaller, you’ll be able to do MAD bar spinz

Pretty average wheel. If you just want something deep section to look cool I would agree go with a custom build HplusSon then at least you have something that be easily repaired/trued and doesn’t have proprietary components on it.

Yeah… you’re right. No comparison.



Would you argue with a company that does these?

Note: MASSIVE sweet spot.

My ice hockey skates are Easton!

EDIT: “Easton-Bell Sports makes sports equipment and clothing under the brands Bell Sports, Blackburn, Easton, Giro, and Riddell.” courtesy of Wikipedia.

But which is better, Carbon or Alloy??

Neither- I prefer custom steel

but that’ll go soft after a while, won’t it?

Yeah gear has a spok in there,
I can see them making a third come back, I secretly want a fluro yellow one for my langster pro

Aerospokes rule, everyone is just too cool to admit it

^ +1 Amen!!
Have a look at Lokione’s signature!!

There’s pills for that…

Damn straight, this’d make anything go soft…