which handlebars do you use and why?

I’ve got B123AA nitto drop bars and i’m over how uncomfortable they are to use for street. I’m thinking of going to the B245AA which has a very minimal depth, and no real mild rise…

Some handlebars look more like chopper bars than flat bars and IMO look ridiculous.

What do you use and why?

Randonneur drops - ITM Kero & 3T Morphe (or Nitto Noodles if I’m not using aero levers)

Because…I’ve tried different kinds of bullhorns, flat bars, risers & sushi bars but I just like rando drops better than anything else.

Drop bars always, mostly a Nitto B115 when riding fixed. It is really difficult to find silver non-anatomic bars other than Nitto.

chopped Risers and/or slightly chopped Sushis

Both Roadies: Shallow drop Easton EC90 Equipe (both 44)
Communter: Nitto Noodle (44)
Trackie: Nitto B125AA (40)
MTB SS: Azonic risers, chopped to about 50cm.

I like drops. I like 'em wide with shallow-ish drop and a classic round bend. Have tried risers, flat bars, bullhorns, flared bars and ergo bends of various shapes and always come back to classic drops.

40cm wide drops. tried choped down risers but luke a wide bar.

38cm B123s on the track bike - simple, tough, narrow enough for traffic squeezing, but i can climb off the front of the drops well and i dont mind the profile.

42cm modolo flash on the ‘snot rocket’ - came with the bike, dont like them much as they dont have a cable groove and that annoys me. like the ergo-ish profile though. looking for alternatives.

i had a set of 40cm cinelli criteriums - loved them and their profile but sold them before i left canada as i had too many sets of drops and didnt have the right length stem for them with the bundy.

Road bike & single speed- Deda Newton Italian shallow drops
Track bike- Deda Pista
Fixie commuter- FSA risers (care of snowflake)

Shallow drops are the best IMO. I hate the anatomic modern designs you see. They’re too big and cumbersome. Deda are the best I reckon.

major taylors - because they came with the bike.

will upgrade to some chopped risers though soon

Nitto B125AA (40cm), nice profile and i like the shallower drop they offer compared to some other track bars.

any thoughts on the B245AA’s?

flat bars cut narrow (but not stupidly so), as i like to keep my head up as much as possible when riding in the city.

On One Midge Bars, shallow drop and flared ends makes for more time in the drops. Reviewed here.

Indeed, midges are freakin awesome. In the last couple of weeks I’ve ridden them on everything from all day road rides (250k around the bay etc.) to yarra single track. My hands are usually all over them like a blind man in a brothel e.g. there are so many useful positions on them that I’ve found them far superior to any other style of bars I’ve tried for the riding I like to do.