Which Helmet?

Had a bit of a gander, not sure if there was a thread about this topic.
Anyway, I need a new helmet as I’ve been wearing my skate lid for like 4 or 5 years now and it’s time to graduate to a big boys one (road, I guess…). Problem is I have a big (fore)head so the few helmets that I’ve tried on kind of sit ridiculously high on my head and I look like a mushroom. Does anyone have any suggestions for road helmets that are comfy and sit fairly low on your head? I.E. Feel like a BMX/Skate lid, but aren’t… Gotta come in black, too, cause that’s what the kids are wearing these days…


If you want a helmet that sits low on your head you could look at a MTB helmet. They are designed to give more protection around the sides and back than yr regular road helmet so tend to sit lower on your melon - Something like the Giro Xar

The Lazer Genesis/Helium would have to be the most comfortable helmet that I have worn. And from memory they sit lower on my head than my S-Works does.

my giro atmos sat pretty low on my noggin.

I’m a big fan of the Catlike Kopact Pros. Look wicked and have found them to be very comfortable. Tried Giro Ionus and Bell Volt and this has been the most comfortable and looks the least like a mushroom. They do them in a black but not available in Aus. Pretty certain you’d be able to get one shipped over though.

That’s as black as you can get them in this country.

My snowboarding lid is pretty good

I too have a big head

BOOF Head!!!

Sorry, had to be done.

Nice to see you back Son, me and your other internet Dad were missing you, but understand your need for space.
BTW your new frame looks Hawt, like some kind of menstrual icecream. Ride with Pride boyo.

Really enjoying my kask mojito, the retention system rocks! and it’s super compact

Why are road helmets so expensive?! Holy shit!

Because they have more holes. Holes are expensive!

Cos they save lives,
lives and passion are expensive.

There’s a few easily accessible places in dandenong you can get some fairly cheap holes :wink:

+1 on catlike kompacts. Came from a Giro atmos as well the catlike is much more comfier and felt lighter. hardly notice it.

cant comment on head size as mines quite small.

i have the biggest head of anyone i know. tried my luck with a XL-XXL Lazer O2 and it worked out pretty well. comes in black and is around 100 bucks.