Which Mudguards ????

Use cable-ties. It is good enough for me and was good enough for Sheldon.

I just got some Raceblades at lunch. 20% off storewide, so $95 wasn’t too bad (and only slightly more than ordering them from Wiggle). Reckon I might need to file the top of the actual fender holder part though, just slightly, having some clearance issues with my front wheel and downtube.

The real test will be tonight. It started raining around 10 this morning and doesn’t look like it’s going to let up at all.

Don’t bother with mudguards, get these…


Got some Raceblades yesterday at Bicycle Recycle, still having trouble getting them mounted properly without them being all bent or crooked or rubbing, or sitting too high, or too low, aaah man.

I had a similar problem with mine, needed a combo of all three fixes below.

You can adjust the height by loosening the torx screw in the clamp at the fender/stay junction then moving the stainless rod in or out a bit.

There should also be 3 notches in the fender to put the clamp in, play with different combos of these to adjust fender line.

You’ll probably also have to bend the arms a bit where the are clamped to the frame.

Good luck!

thread dig… need some help with sourcing timber fenders

have been looking at the Sykes Timber range

chasing any local recommedations for timber fenders, it looks like abbotsford cycles has them and aspirevelo online, but was wondering if any one had any tips to share

bike is a steel gazelle with eyelets, short reach brakes, plenty of clearance aside from the brakes


Flat fenders suck
Flat fenders will be harder to fit under a brake

Wood veener fenders suck too


I’ve got about 15mm clearance from my tyre to my brake. What fenders/mudguards should I be looking at? Dropout eyelets available.

For a road bike? What width tyres?


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SKS Longboards in 35mm for beardo confidence.

Most brands (sks, axiom etc) do a model that is designed to cover a 28mm tyre which should work well on your bike.

Obviously wider the better for guards but the brake arms might be the limiting factor.

Recommend taking the bike to a shop and test fitting the guards beneath the brakes before you buy.

Thanks Beardos.

Is there any issue with track ends in that the wheel needs to slide out backwards? Or is there enough give in them that it doesn’t matter?

is this for the PW? want me to see what i’ve got on mine?

Yeah sure, do you have any trouble getting the rear wheel out?

not if it’s flat…

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I had a set of these on one of my bikes for ages: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Planet-Bike-Cascadia-Road-Fenders/223580240217

Not sure what exact size these are though. They’re pretty good but, do recommend. From memory i had fuck-all clearance at the rear brake so left the brake bridge bracket off and never had any trouble.

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My Voodoo has horizontal dropouts. I have SKS fenders and use “breakaway mounts” on the rear stays so I can quickly pop them off when I need to take the rear wheel out. The breakaway mount comes standard (or used to at least) for the front fender – with the idea that it pops off if you snag something in the front saving an endo. But you can collect or buy spares to put on the back too. I got some off Amazon years back.

I pretty rarely take the rear wheel out of my commuter though. I literally haven’t had a flat for years with tubeless. Last time it came out was about Christmas 2018 when I last stripped, cleaned, regreased and rebuilt the whole bike.

I just undo the hex bolts connecting the rear fender stays to the frame at the rear axle to get the wheel out. I have an On One Pompino with SKS fenders btw.