Which one is better frame, KHS Flite 100 Pursuit or Peter Bundy?

Just trying to get some info as well as majority opinion about which one is better to keep/ride between KHS Flite 100 year 2000 (pursuit) or Peter Bundy Track bike about the same year).

The images of both bikes included.


I would ride the one with the wheels

i would ride the one you keep

Nicer cranks on the Bundy. The Bundy is Aussie made. The KHS would be Taiwanese, or would it have been US built back then? Boutique framebuilder vs big bike brand. I’d keep it local.

Is this the bundy we all decided wasn’t a bundy.

popular opinion would have you believe its more of a beater pundy, get some nice track forks in there and it smarter up a bunch

Thank you, so which one is a better quality frameset?

Bundy, if it’s a bundy. Even if it’s not, it’s probs better. Locally made vs mass produced in Taiwan.

I have email Peter and this is the reply:

Hi Boni,
It looks like one of my frames for sure. Material well if it takes a 27.2mm seat post then it would be Reynolds 531 or 653,if it takes a 27mm or 26.8mm then it would be Columbus.
As far as decals go I do have them in white with a black outline in stock as we still build but also we can have them made in custom colours if needed.

Finally sold the KHS.

and relisted the bundy?


I still like that frame, but it’s been for sale for agesssssss so what’s the deal? Lol