which pedals to buy?

having just bought my new bike without pedals i need to go about buying some new pedals.

i wouldnt mind campag pedals, anyone have any experience with campy pedals? which ones would you buy.

i chucked on my old crappy pedals with kid killy’s big clips and there is a fair amount of toe overlap. any clips that will reduce this?



Pedal fit is more important than toe overlap… if that makes any sense. Toe overlap only becomes a problem at low speeds, which eventually, you’ll get used to. Pain in feet after long ride… not so good.

As for pedals… I rode some MKS Sylvans for a while, they’re decent. But yeah, whatever floats your boat, some people are using bmx platforms these days…

i got MKS medium clips on my track frame and that keeps the overlap down to a manageable level
they are comfy and strong

my other bike has large MKS clips as the front wheel an’t in close but i prefer the shorter cages after using them for a while now!

ok well ill try the shorter clips to start with.

so as far a pedals though just a matter of getting lucky with the fit.

ill check some out


get yourself a pair of MTB shoes and some time atac’s

give that bike a decent pedal kit!


What jakob said.
You may feel like a goose when you’re at some hip cafe smoking ciggies and wearing ugly cycling shoes, but the positives when riding are well worth it.

Hooray for clipless :smiley: The sweet MTB shoe look is maknig a comeback.

I have just decided to start a fixie project and had planed to use the same pedals as my road bike (shimano SPD-SL’s) but looking at all the sweet rides on this forum (only found the forum today, 2 hours later!) am seeing alot of bikes with old style pedals/toe clip combo’s. Is it just a retro thing or is there an advantage to running those pedals on a fixed gear bike?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Ben

Hey Ben and welcome aboard the board. AT some point somebody here will try to make you cry but that’s part of the fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re new to fixed I’d suggest going with whatever pedal system you’re used to, at least for the first little while while your brain irons out the couple of new things it will be dealing with (this doesn’t take long BTW). Comes down to personal preference in the end, I use spds on my fixie cummuter because they were familiar starting out and I already had a spare set (and I don’t have to walk around all day in the same shoes I ride in).

clips and double straps on one bike, clips and singles on the roadie, eggbeaters on the others. i prefer clipless, but if i couldn’t be arsed taking a change of shoes somewhere the clips and straps are fine.

Hey Captain Commuter,
Wow, I’m looking forward to some one on this site trying to make me cry. Should be fun :smiley:

Thanks for your reply re pedals, I currently ride SPD-SL’s on my roady and spd’s on my mountain bike. After posting this question I found heaps more info on pedal set up for fixies and seems that Time ATAC’s rate pretty highly. In the 4 hours I spent on the forum on Friday night I learnt an absolute truck load without even trying :-o.

It is an awesome site and I’m sure it will help me heaps as I atempt to build my first fixie!! Cheers Ben

hey guys i currently ride clips but looking to change to clipless, but does that make it harder/easier or not really make a difference at all to the way you skid stop?

Money an’t a deal the

Mks rx1 pedals, mks double alpha straps, and med steel cages
that’s the killer set…

An you get used to bad toe overlap I have good inch on my whip…

^^^^ if you ride with stiff soled cycling shoes and proper cleats, otherwise your just kidding yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

i live and ride in a very urban world…
short rides around the city, to and from work and to many different bars…
i could not be fucked with trotting around in cycling shoes…

looking for a steel roadie and that will have clips for sure but my every where every day bike caring another pair of shoes with me every where is no good

if you want the best pedal set up ever then cycle shoes and cleats are it no doubt but the Rx1 MKS setup is one hell of a cage and strap set…

I agree.

If your running clipss and straps MKS GR9s, best pedals for street use. i dont understand why you would use RX’s, there are no benefits unless your using cleats.

or do you use-em cos they are NJS.

i live and ride in a very urban world…

and what is this shit? you fucking cliche. We all ride in an “Urban world”

you aint special


As Nathan Barley once said, I’m a “self-facilitating media node” :mrgreen:

well now you mention it yes i am…

well it happens to match the rest of the NJS cockpit and drive chain so i guess you got me again…