Which Roadbike

I have a friend buying a road bike. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about them…

His budget is about $2000AUD, and so far these are the bikes he’s pulled out of the woodwork:

Norco CRD SL ($2,150)

Cannondale Six Carbon 6 ($1,999)

Cannondale Six Carbon 5 Compact ($2,299)

Any other recommended bikes within the price range, or out of those three, what would you choose?

Cheers! Nick

specs are a bit better on the c-dale 5, which would tip the balance in its favour for me. but then again, you’d have to ride a cannondale…

I would have to agree with brendan - on all points.

There are some comparable bikes around to the cannondales for slightly less money.

I would recommend you find the right bike shop first - then get them to help you find the right bike.

Sizing changes a lot between brands and after riding a few different models with the same setup even a novice can pick which feels right.

Knowing your budget is important but finding a bike that fits right is the most important.

what size is he looking for?

i’m not sure, but he’s about 6.1ft

I’d look for a CAAD8 Cannondale, but that probably doesn’t help you :slight_smile:

would a steel Paconi (columbus EL-OS tubeset) with Chorus interest him, or is he specifically after new?

What size?

He’s in Canada, and I believe looking for something new. He likes things with bits of carbon, latest models etc… :wink:


59 TT (effective) 58 ST, 72 degree seat tube.

The answer is easy…

Spend $budget on a Giant.

I was going to say that.

Don’t get a Cannondale unless the BB shell has threads on it :expressionless:

Does he have time for two life quests, let alone one? :slight_smile:

Hahahah - very true. :smiley: