Which Sidi shoes to buy?

Hey all.

Im after some advice. I cant decide between the Sidi Genius 5.5 CC and the Genius 6.6 carbon road shoes.

Any experience or helpful insights?

I hear that the 5.5 CC is a bit less stiff, but more comfortable for training/long rides etc. Does anyone know if there are any differences in these shoes other than the sole? ie Different buckles? Straps? Materials?

Any help much appreciated.

Buy whichever one comes in white.


this man speaks absolute truth

I’ve had ergo’s, 6.6s and 5.5,

6.6 would be my personal preference, but make sure you try them on for a correct fit,
and stay away from the lime green.

go into BSC and try them both on. then make your own decision.

Before you commit to buying Sidis do yourself a favour and try on a pair of Specialized S Works shoes.

I’ve ridden Sidis for the past 8 years and thought they were amazing . . . . . that was until I tried a pair of Specialized. They are incredibly light (a PAIR of S Works 2010 shoes WITH cletes attached weighs the same as one Sidi Ergo WITHOUT a clete) , the retention system is second to none and you’ll get a professional body geometry fit with foot beds for your riding style.

They come in stylish gloss white as used by yours truely and the black strip up the back matches 12cm Capo socks perfectly if attention to detail is your thing.

Look at the pro peleton and more riders choose Specialized shoes than Sidi.

They are over $400.00 though.
But yes, I tried on heatseekers pair and they were very light and comfy. :mrgreen:

specialized products are not approved for use by the euro cyclist, even in white

Sidi Vernice Lasers are about as white as they get

DMT Radials too maybe…

fixed that for me.

a lot of people i know are also enjoying their Bonts:

though i like the lace-up versions better than the ones pictured.

those bonts look like the sort of thing you’d ride on a <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tron_(film)”>tron</a> bike.

i think if you’re wearing the Bonts and you hit 84 miles an hour you can travel through time.

Call me a traditionalist, but if i wanted a pair of speed skates, I’d go buy a pair. I would have thought BONT would at least try and make them look like somewhat like bike shoes.

EDIT. didnt really make sense or was funny like iexpected.

I personally made the mistake of not trying on some shoes properly when buying them and then threw my old ones out before riding the newies. worst mistake ever. I miss my old stinky shimano shoes. :frowning:

SIDI are better than bont for road use.