Which wheels do i choose :(

Been a lurker for a long time, ride road bikes and used to ride bmx. Building my first FG soon and found these wheels which i love. ORIGIN8 Track Attack Wheels Orange Fixed Gear Deep V | eBay

However they take a long time to get here and postage is ridiculous.

Also found these wheels BEST Cheap Fixie Wheelset

Is it worth getting the cell wheels just to get my bike rolling or should i opt for the origin8 wheels and wait it out.

Without viewing either of the links I’d say get whatever has sealed hubs. If they both do I’d just get the cell ones as it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to build a super high end bike.

Define ‘high end’

Its by no mean low end. Do you think the cell wheels will be as good but, Aesthetically and physically.

Also checked your blog out, Pretty cool, for what its worth.

Well you’re not looking at custom built wheels and the ones you have listed are in the cheaper side of things, did not mean it in a bad way though.

I think the origin 8 wheels would be marginally better, if there would be a noticeable difference is debatable.

Aesthetically I don’t like either of them, only you can decide if you if you like the cell ones just as much as anything else.

My experience with cheaper wheels had not been great. Spending more initially seems to work out cheaper in the long run.

I know! all good, just saying its not a 100 dollar conversion (Not that they can’t be of quality either)

Well shit, That doesnt help me much at all there does it. Its close to an extra 200 dollars for the Origin8’s, however the colour of them i like a lot more. I guess i just have to figure out if for 200 dollars extra they are going to ride much differently.

Can you recommend another wheel around that price range?

I’d go with the origin8… though both of those wheels have similar quality cartridge bearing hubs (which IS a good thing for every day usage).
The cheaper they get the poorer quality you will get in other areas… Spokes (gauge/butting/strength/stainless/etc), in build (how well the wheels are built from factory) and in rim quality (strength, ‘centering’) etc.
It’s up to you if you trust poorer quality stuff? I don’t.

I heard of someone selling some orange b43s to velocity hubs for $200 the other day, if orange is your thing and you don’t mind some extra weight they could be a good option .

Thats the large issue here. Just wish i didn’t have to import the bastards from the US. Adds 50 bucks and weeks to the total.
Having trouble finding much im interested in in the land of AUS. :confused:
Some of those Eighthinch julians would be nice. Or even a set of Weinmann’s would be nice, again but with the import.

They are bloody heavy, Look damn flash but. Where was said sale occurring?

my (very brief) 2c.

buy the cells & deal with the fact they’re a different shade of orange, the origin 8’s aren’t worth 4 times the price.

they’re cheap, but just like these - http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f40/reid-review-semi-deep-v-low-profile-sealed-bearing-wheels-%2460-24463/ - they’ll get you rolling.

run them while you save for good wheels.

there is NOTHING better than rolling on nice wheels (IMO).

This has won me, haha that easy. I just wanna get rolling as soon as possible anyway.
Hopefully ill be throwing a bike check up in a few weeks then! With these interestingly coloured wheels on for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


just one other thing…

if you’re running them fixed, make sure you take off the cog & lockring, give them some grease, then tighten the cog & lockring properly using a good quality chainwhip. with cheap wheel sets, this is kinda paramount to preventing fucking up the thread on the hubs.

Girlfriends dad is a bike mech and to be honest i know fuck all so i think i’ll just take it to him and get him to get everything rolling smoothly and dialled. Thanks for the heads up but!

TRUTH! B43’s are heavy yeah BUT they are quality, dam near unbreakable and IMO look rad. I think most people on here would have ridden them (at least a rear) at some stage loved em’ and moved on to a lighter more needs specific wheel.

I got a black set PM if you get past the orange thing…


I loved my B43’s and they spun for dayyssssssss. Heavy yes, but I didn’t care… if I didn’t move to shamals, then deep carbon clinchers for that aesthetic i’d probably still be riding B43’s!

These are cheaper than the Origin8, local, and a far better wheel: Fixie Wheels | Track | Flip Flop Single Speed Wheel Sale - Velogear

Reasonably light, strong, have great sealed hubs and are nicely finished. I reckon they’re about the best bang for buck you can get. For example, I’ve found the set I’ve got on my commuter to be far nicer than my previous set of Velocity Deep V’s with Velocity/Formula hubs - considerably lighter, seem as strong, and super smooth. I also think they look far better than the options you have suggested (radial laced front is also nice). Not orange, but you can’t go wrong with polished silver on any build, and you don’t want to be the guy riding around with deep rimmed orange wheels - it looks stupid, honestly.

Qft. FWIW, I was running factory-made Alex D16s with Formula hubs for ~3 years on my Surly, both SS and fixed and they felt fine.

But it wasn’t until I tried riding on hand-built TB14s with Phil hubs that I noticed the huge difference.

Mind you, I still ride my Surly as previously and they run really well still - smooth rolling and all - but going back to Rolly’s quote above, there sure is nothing better than rolling on nice wheels! :slight_smile:

i can see those that helped me finally pull the trigger on nice wheels either laughing or rolling their eyes at me from their keyboards.

hi james/bb/k o/blakey/gene/trigger…


Those aerotrack’s are $200/pr (in white only, almost as bad as orange). Decent wheels though.

Quando hubs often have crunchy cup&cone bearings, and 3/8" axles F&R, rather than 9mm F, 10mm R. The Quando ‘sealed’ may be different, can’t tell much from those photos on the Cell page, (white hubs & spokes are going to get grotty pretty quickly too).

These are cheap too, but non sealed and 3/8" axles, bleh: Buy Fixie Freewheel Road Bike Track Wheel Wheelset Deep V | CD

If the Cell wheels have these hubs, then not so bad: Buy Fixie Single Speed Road Bike Track Wheel Wheelset Sealed + Tyres Black | CD

Well then. I thought they looked cool, how wrong I was.
Will have a look at the new options suggested!

Found this frame on cycling deals, reviews are good. Opinion for a first frame? Would prefer I build then buy complete.
Buy Track Fixie Road Bike Frame with Fork | CD