Whisky bar in Melbourne

I’m going to be in Melbourne this weekend and am wondering if anyone knows a place that has a good collection of single malts and nicer bourbons?

I’ve heard that Fidel’s in Crown is great, but I can’t really imagine going there.

Preferably somewhere around the city/inner north. PMs or public replies would be much appreciated!

Not sure if there are many bars that specifically deal with Whiskey/Whisky - but most decent cocktail bars usually have a pretty good selection of outrageously / hilariously expensive stuff. - I used to know names, but I’ve spent to long getting smashed on longnecks outdoors recently to remember which ones are good. In anycase - a bit of Bowie always helps.

YouTube - David Bowie - The Alabama Song

Supper Club on Spring St in the CBD (north east edge) has some decent ones. It’s been about five years since I’ve been there but I can’t imagine things have changed TOOOO much.

i seem to remember the pub at the very top of transport (i think it’s called taxi/transit or similar) having a decent scotch collection. it was quite some time ago that i was there and i was pretty wasted but i seem to remember a few scots working behind the bar and got talking about how awesome glasgow is…

however, i was very, very drunk

YouTube - The Fast Show - Very drunk

I don’t often go to bars, but I do like a good whiskey. I went to this place last year and they had a good selection on the menu:

Manchuria, 7 Waratah Place Melbourne

Thank you very much, Sirs.

JP, not that I know melbourne at all, nor do I know whisky… but I like beer and if you also like beer you should go to this place:

The Local Taphouse St Kilda

I freakin’ loved the amount of different beers they had.

i have a bottle of suntory sitting in my cupboard gathering vintage/dust. i can light the fire and you can sip it to your heart’s content whilst i play mario kart and listen to the hoodoo gurus.

Can I come too?

you have a standing invite.

Wow! that sounds just about perfect… Tell me is Yamazaki Peated and I will be there with all manor of bells ringing from my person. Tell me its anything else and I will probably still be there :slight_smile:

golden monkey, hardware lane - respectable scotch, tequila, rum selections
1806, russell st - run by a liquour historian / drinks genius, worth checking out
blue diamond club, queen st (level 15 of some building) - massive back bar, lots of good scotches
siglo / supper club, spring st - cigars, scotch, cognac

thats all i can think of for now

fucken Dan Murphy’s ya fucken poncey ₪₪₪₪.

they got fucken longnecks, stubbies and fucken cans!!!

I’ll add a vote for this one, bit pricey, mildly pretentious when they’re busy. If my memory is good there are about 80 whiskies (and whiskeys) on the menu, or maybe that’s the brandy list…anyway…

Bang on the money :slight_smile:

Is the far right one caffeine free?!

nah, fucken guarana n’ taurine n’ heaps of energy for fightin’ ₪₪₪₪s 'ey!

‘1806’ - i think the actual address is 169 Exhibition street - near the corner of Bourke. Ask for Seb or Merlin. I know that they have a few whiskeys that have been brought over specially for them and are not available anywhere else. Not sure of their Bourbon range but i know Seb has been to a few of the Bourbon distilleries in the US and seems to know a lot about it. Have one for me

Prudence at 368 Victoria St, West Melbourne. The manager is a fan of single malt whiskey and offers a quality selection at very reasonable prices.

As long as we’re talking whisk(e)y, anyone know where to go for a rye, other than Nick’s Wine Merchants?