White, Black and Silver.

I finally finished my build, thanks for your help, here it is.

Im riding it lots and enjoying it. Best thing is it looks great and goes as fast as it looks.
The saddle is a Kashimax Five Gold. Wheelset is Weinmann DP18’s. Cranks are Lasco Original’s. Thats about it. Thanks.

Thumbs up :slight_smile:

way better than my first build
by the way, chuck on some bar tape
you’ll know what i mean when you ride for a long time/in the rain

My hands get sweaty quickly so I will soon.

post a pic of the whole bike ffs

The first one is a pic of the whole bike??

That is sweet.
PS - Go for the white bar tape. It’s a pain to keep clean, but I don’t think anything else would look right. Cheers

At the very least put some plugs in the bar ends for safety.

That chain won’t be white for long.

Fuk bar tape, do ghetto tape, use innertubes free/recycle and i used an old 29’ tube and it was thick and nice.

I’d prefer to keep it simple and use the normal stuff.

i stand corrected. pic didn’t load

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Bars without tape. Not finished. Tut tut.

But inner tube bartape is as simple as it comes, free off bikes on the side of the road or free from popped tubes. And I thought you were on a budget, bartape costs a whopping $20!!!

Well I’ll just have to save up so I can use stuff that may work and look better.

Road Bike Bicycle Cork Handlebar Tape/Wrap w/ bar Plugs (eBay item 130487456367 end time 18-Mar-11 22:12:49 AEDST) : Sport

its amazing what you can do with a search function.

cecil walker still still has a box of assorted crazy coloured cinelli bar tape for $5 each

i think i have white some soyo long grips. PM me if you ant them (for nothin)

inner tube and corks - bang for buck, cant be beat

That looks nice! I might do that…