White fixay found [BRIS]

Friend of a friends best friends cousins room mate at the coffee shop today tells me they found a sweet white fixay/SS up around Doornoch Trc last night or the night before. It’s white and was unlocked/dumped, thats all I got, shitty details I know DEAL WITH IT.

Anyways if you were riding home boozed stopped for a piss walked home and remembered your bike when you were staring into the mirror trying to figure out why your wearing your helmet, my friend of a friends best friends cousins room mate is holding onto it until it’s claimed. PM me… :o

Pretty sure this could be the stolen BCF bike, they’re on to it from what I can see.

As in Boats Camping Fishing? What did I miss?

Hi, there is a high chance that this is my bike. Please call me immediately on 0411 396 523.

^ wow, way to politely ask someone who is likely to be doing use a massive favour.

I find your username very aggressive

hold it ransom till he creates a new username and sings praises to your name!!!

His/her name says it all

Fully. Kids these days:p anyway I MSG’d ya. Ball, court, yours.

guess he is lucky you found it and not me… would have been straight back where i found it if i got a post like that…


Where was the thread?

wha? you go have a bat and the whole fucking world implodes around you!