white pursuit

I bought the frame second hand with some components and added some of them from my previous bike. so overall its just a mix of the best bits I could collect.

I am trying to work out the tubing/builder of the frame so any info on the frame and or forks would be greatly appreciated. apparently before me it was owned by some Canadian messenger type.

FRAME: unknown frame with nervex lugs stamped NERVEX 59°30R42022 ES from what I can gather. it takes a 26.8mm seatpost.
FORKS: chrome drilled forks stamped APREBIO 200735 on the steer
CRANKS: sugino 75 165mm with 50t campy ring
COG: 18t surly with euro-asia lockring
BB: sugino 75
PEDALS: MKS sylvan’s with MKS fit A straps and W base clips
WHEELS: open pro’s laced to formula hubs
TYRES: soma everwear rear, continetal grand prix 4000 front
BARS: cinelli track drops and stem
HEADSET: tange
SADDLE: fizik ‘borrowed’ from my dad
SEAT POST: selcof aero
BRAKES: cheapo stock leaver and caliper

I remember seeing this on ebay not too long ago. I considered placing a bid, looked like a good buy. It came from fyxo in the first place didn’t it? maybe he can shed some light?

Liking the build a lot, but for some reason something bugs me about fully stacked headsets with the stem dropped to the bottom.

Mc Bain

Steerer tube prob needs cutting chimp, you coming on the ride tonight?

if i remember correctly, this frame also had the original steel forks, which if memory serves, is a very nice double crown item but made for 650c wheels??..would look so much better imo, a ‘true’ prusuit frame and stance.

Yeah well, if you’re going to keep a bike for a long time it’s probably best not to cut the steerer right away till you find out what stance suits you best. Similarly, if you’re not gonna keep it that long probably shouldn’t cut it because someone further down the track (pun intended) might want it uncut.

I’m fighting fit now, but I have my last exam tomorrow morning and really don’t think I can spare the time…

While I agree with this, I always love the look of pursuit frame with 700c front. Perhaps if you ask back along the path of ownership, toby1, you could get a hold on the original forks.

chimpy, you’re thinking of threadless forks, this is threaded. those spacers are necessary otherwise the top nut of the headset wont hold the fork (which has a too long steerer) in place.

I’m aware of that… I was implying that if he want so run his stem at that height he should cut the forks and remove the spacer. Running the stem that low is likely to leave a nasty gouge at the bend.

The geo doesn’t look like it should be running 650c forks.

I see no point to cutting the steer tube purely for aesthetic reason. besides I kinda like the stacked headset look.

also yeah I seem to remember something about fyxo owning a while back

Were there original forks?

It’s practical because you’re a midget!

Needs like loads more seatpost and that
Butt otherwise tough.

watch yourself buddy

apparently they were these wacky 650c double crown ones but I am yet to here or see anything about them.

Saw your bike locked up in QV the other day. I was thinking to myself how similar it looks to mine. Nice Job!

you and your forum abuse.

unless by the other day you meen like two weeks ago I am doubting it was my bike

defs your bike. It was 1 or 2 weeks ago or something.