Who can walk the walk

I know I can’t, I don’t even talk it. but those who think they can see below post from Thylacine Cycles (pinched from Farkin Rotorburn Fixie Thread)

Hey Farkers,

Err…I mean…Rotor…burn…people…

Okay, so towards the end of the year, we’re looking to do something a wee bit different to what we’ve normally been inflicting upon the overtly cashed up. Obviously it’s a bit hush-hush, but hey, it’s all part of the fun and games to dribble stuff out, so here we are.


I’m putting the feelers out for a messenger-type to do some R&D (Ride and Destruct) for us. You have to be a gun and a bit of a masher - and have good insurance - and be willing to ride the snot out of a fixie-type mobile for a few months, with guys in lab coats standing around writing stuff on clipboards as you go whizzing by.

Whats the catch? Nothin’! We’ll make ya famous baby! Forum people will look up to you as a shiny golden god, and you will live on forever as hopefully not the guy who died destructo-testing bike frames.

You may even get said bike frame for free if you don’t ride in into the back of a parked car first.

Think you’re qualified? Send us some form of resume. Even something scribbled on a napkin.

Not qualified but know who is? Let 'em know!

Cheers fellas.


That’d be Karl!! I’ll let him know.

That’d be different for Karl. Lab coats following thim around rather then Police!