Who has money? (Merckx)

Eddy Merckx rare vintage retro track bike cycling pista | eBay

Very nice Merckx track bike. A little bit out of my price range

who are these people (person?) that does these merckx resto’s and then puts an insane BIN on them?

From memory, that seller had the Molteni, Merckx, roadie replica going for an insane price as well. Check his history, it has Merckx everywhere.

I send him a msg…

“hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, this bike is so period incorrect it’s not even funny and you’re asking $4500!!! dreaming buddy…”

Was this guy the one who had the 27" molteni replica with 700c wheels?

He’s sent me some interesting replies, i’ll post em up tomorrow.

looking forward to this ^

A few guys (myself included) are auto enthusiasts who get kicks of restoring bikes too. You know, smaller projects, more achievable! But I guess they don’t all like riding because I can’t sell my projects lol. Wouldn’t be surprised if this guy was one?

“Didn’t say it was period correct. My brother and his best mate raced with MERCKX in the 70’s dream on buddy. I suppose you only heard about MERCKX when E bay and SBS came along buddy.”

“Oh forgot to mention his name Gary Clively also Aust road champion were you ever. I was only a pussy Vic and Aust time trial champion were you ever.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

Feel sorta bad for pick’n on the old fella but i still had a laugh:) I should reply shouldn’t I.

bender? shy away from confrontation? never.

Who cares who the seller is? The point is the bike is a complete rip off! Chucking some Cyclomondo decals on a (perhaps geniune Merckx) hard rubbish find doesn’t mean you can charge $4500, it’s just offensive.

" No time wasting Emails."

what a joke

It’s only offensive is someone pays it.

Has anyone asked the appropriate bar spin question of the seller yet?

i hope he buys some question marks with the proceeds

I replied but haven’t heard back yet:(

“Good ol’ Gary. Well I wasn’t really calling you out on your cycling prowess, merely stating that the bike you have for sale is not worth even a fraction of the asking price. Maybe with a period correct build and original paint but as it sits it just a mish-mash of bits that make it worth a lot less than the sum of its parts.”

classic FOA doctrine bender love it

race him.

did he reply?
Should’ve sent that captioned image in your original email, would have been hilarious!

Also I 'm liking that seat-post, although is it original?

its super nice, but i’ll never admit, and you shouldn’t either, to liking something that is getting collectively hated by the majority, and more importantly, this bender guy