Who is the hipster with RIZORS and NOBR AKES?


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Looks like a red Panasonic that I’ve seen in RHD on the hipster silk route of Ebenezer Place. Hard to tell though.

i think brendan was in adelaide last week

You have an Ebenezer (good) place in Adelaide?

Very, Very naug’y…


Dude needs a haircut and a beard trim… or a recumbent.


Nah, I have drops and a black helmet.

dont lie

Haha !!

Beards are popular in ADL

Yea but that guy has a shit beard and needs a hair cut… Bet he’s got a set of SPd sandals too

No, he just looks like the RHD hipsters I mentioned.

everybody just calm down!

Actually I’m 98% sure it is this bike.

is that polly?

There’s a massive difference between CSIRO beard and fashion beard. Our dear “invisible cyclist” here falls into the CSIRO camp I think.

nah polly is fat.


I have to admit - when I first saw the hipster and noticed he had questionable grooming habits I thought ZOLTAN. Plus he was quick to deny…

Wow, Creaky. Your beard is one of flaming awesomeness, kinda like fender flames on a hotrod.