Who is the skidmaster in Brisvegas?

I’ve been using ‘just going to muck around on my bike’ as a good way for a few minutes peace at home, as a result my trackstanding has come along well (“look mum no hands!”) and even with my complete lack of coordination I am getting close to turning backwards circles.

Next challenge is to take my skids to the next level and I am looking for a guru. I can skid for practical purposes but am interested in progressing to the long distance and more stylin skids.

Does anyone have the moves and can give me some advice? Anyone similarly imterested in learning and up for some sessions (before work, lunch, with coffees on the weekend???) in/near Bris CBD?

Weight forwards and leannn into it. But forget regular skids, one leg is where it’s at.


Use bars that allow you to get more weight forward. Start practicing on wet roads, grass or sandy gravel - that will allow you to figure out the technique before you start trying it on more…um…unco-operative surfaces.

Yep, me. Huge long no-hands skids. Still working on trying to skid and light a ciggie at the same time.

To start though, I think Rogaine spends some time in the morning doing some skills work, if not, come along to a sat ride and we all play at the start/end.

To get a more ‘clearer’ despcription of skidding…well, I think rogaine told TR on the weekend, maybe he can pass it onto you…

Im using Sushi bars so no problems getting my weight foward. I am getting more adventuous with it but without seeing others do it I’m not so confident as to where the balance point is, mindfull to avoid a meeting between face and road.

The way I imagine it is that you need to be far enough that the weight on the back wheel is only enough to make it touch and skid/skip without any real traction. Because it is touching it keeps you straight, like a rudder.

Couldn’t make the ride yesterday Rhino, didn’t think there were any regular Sat rides going right now?

Whats your routine at the moment Rogaine?

in sydney til tomorrow nite; then in-and-out of the CBD each day

let me know when you’re about

the secret is to put the teabags on the counter

i think i get it
Teabags on the counter=sac on the bar= balls on the line

the guy who won the skids at CMWC was basically doing a nose manual for about 80% of the distance. the rear was touching down every 10-20 meters until about the 120M mark then it was lightly skipping.
the tokyo guys showed the spirit needed with literally 4 out of 5 face-planting at speed through having their weight too far forward. all of them got up and went back to do it again. and 2 of the 4 did indeed do it again, at speed.
total commitment, that’s the ticket.