Who made this frame?

I’m trying to suss out where my frame came from; I have the same frame as this one on ebay (well it looks identical):


I took mine into Peter Bundy, and at first he thought it was made by his old man, but then he noticed that the BB was pinned, which old mate didn’t do. Now he reckons it could be a Gefsco or a Hillbrick. Any ideas?

P.S I thought $400 was a pretty good deal for that… DA, cinelli.

I had a mid-70’s Hillman that looked a bit like that, similar lugs and bridges. It had pinned lugs - apparently old Henry Hill used that technique but he wouldn’t have been alone.
Hillman still had the original order card for my frameset. If there’s a number on the BB shell ring Gordon at Hillman - he’s quite obliging about looking them up or would be able to tell you pretty quickly if it’s not one of theirs.

Thanks CC. It does have a number, I’ll give him a call and let you know how I get on.

that was a steal. was it you who got it?

No, I missed the end of the auction by 15 minutes. 58cm is a little small for me, and I thought it would sell at a price above what I was willing to pay… but in hindsight, I should have had a bid.