Who makes the best Columbus decal reproductions?

Looking at getting a Columbus Spirit decal for my newly resprayed road frame. Typing in ‘Columbus decal’ into ebay reveals quite a number of different sellers these days. A couple of years ago it was only Cyclomondo, but these days there seems to be quite a few from the UK. I have used Cyclomondo decals in the past and they were good, but for the Columbus decal you could definitely tell it was a repo not the original. In fact I think the modern Columbus Airplane/Spirit/Zona/Life decals might be the fancy metal backed ones?

Anyone used anyone else?


I’ve got some original fork ones :slight_smile: and a couple of frame ones too, and frames I may put them on .

H, If it’'s only a spirit frame, who cares if it’s a repo :wink:

Or you could try a few of the online shops that specialise in vintage stuff.

cyclomondo. its local. easy.

Yeah but the decal looked like it came out of a colour photocopier… okay maybe not that bad :smiley:

The real question is where the hell do you buy an ORIGINAL decal from?

Keith from Kumo may have access to tubing decals??

Columbus. Duh.

Just wait till I reveal the colourway I chose… very Cinelli Laser reminiscent… :slight_smile:

What, call up Columbus and say can I buy a decal?

1800 columbus

Ask for Antonio.

Wonder how the conversation could go:

“No, no I don’t want the tubes, I want a sticker… yeah a sticker”

Careful, you might end up with this

Columbus poster during NAHBS show setup | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My cyclomondo ones were pretty good,
Other than that try local builders I know all the bris ones have them.

just got a vision of kids jumping for columbus decals like a skate product toss.

I have some but they are spoken for for future builds.

Got plenty of life decals spare though