Who rides singles one the street?

After a couple of months on some horrible old Open extreme’s I have put a new hoop and a single on the front of my beater. So smooth to ride on.
Anyone else ride singles and how have they lasted against flats?

george does. on the rear disc. but he has that whole zen~light as a feather thing

Get good tyres.

Conti Gator Skins tubular are ze best. And carry a can of Vittoria Pitstop.

Love that shit. Nothing like rolling old skool.

Reminds me of Sydney road this evening when all the traffic lights were down and chaos ensued - I’m a leaf on the wind.

I just got a bike that has singles. I’m intrigued and scared.

Don’t be stressed. I do 95% of my road training on singles. Big country kays and city bunch rides with no problem.

Just get good tyres, that’s the key. If you do get a puncture use a can of Vittoria Pitstop, will seal most things to get you home. Rip the tyre off and take it to 'old Jack to get fixed for about $15 and you’re off again.

Too easy, enjoy.

Well it supposedly has new tires on it, so that’s a start.

Maybe I won’t need a new wheelset, and just learn to curb my skids.

New tyres DON’T mean good tyres.

There’s on one or two types of singles I would trust and I probably would’t use them much on a townie.

Yeah, I’ll check the tires out tonight when I pick it up tonight.

What tires would you recommend?

I roll Conti Gatorskin singles 80% of the time. If I’m racing on a good surface I’ll probably use Conti GP4000’s but they do puncture a big easier I find.

Gatorskins are fine most of the time, rolling resistance is not too bad as well especially if you have them up around 150 - 160psi. I do usually just roll them at 120psi though unless the surface is super smooth.

Is it just me or is it hard to find good quality gum walled tyres?

vredestein… i had 2 sets that were all nice and old school looking that lasted for a while. i think they were ricorsos…

Well it’s got Vittoria Rubino’s on it at the moment. I’ll see how I go.