Who uses a VPN?


Kinda interested in setting one up for security, maybe to get around geoblocking and i’m scared of old mate (http://www.theage.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/george-brandis-in-car-crash-interview-over-controversial-data-retention-regime-20140806-101849.html) seeing my electronic online website web address history page refresh links.

anyways - what do you mates do?

also, it will be really funny when someone posts a tinfoil hat picture.

Uncle HALBOT will be able to assist surely.

Subscribed. I’m also interested how to hide my FOA usage at work.

Who’s asking?

Is privacy a massive deal to you?

You could purchase a seedbox for like 10-15 bucks a month and simply setup a reverse SSH proxy.
Which would get you around geoblocking, etc. You’d have faster speeds than using a regular VPN provider probably… plus, your own personal SFTP server

I use whatbox and have 0 complaints


Convenient, yes. Fully anonymous, probably not? Do they take payment from an un-verified paypal account? If not, paypal payments link your seedbox to your identity.

If it’s all about the privacy aspect - buy some bitcoin using cash money - set up a TOR connection at a local library, spend the bitcoin on a subscription to an anonymous VPN server that accepts bitcoin payment, never use bitcoin wallet again. Set up VPN at home and for your phone (!) and keep encrypting all your traffic anyway.

Also you should probably burn your smartphone and get a blackphone? A Closer Look At Blackphone, The Android Smartphone That Simplifies Privacy | TechCrunch

Also here is a good comparison of VPN services that claim to have user privacy as a top priority - torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2014-edition-140315

Can’t you just steal other peoples interwebs and have all your bike p0Rn searching appear in their metadata?

Next level

Yeah, a seedbox is clearly not a solution for actual privacy… but if you want to get around geoblocking, a work firewall, or even secure all outgoing traffic (on the local network at least) then it’s for sure the easiest/best solution out there IMO.

Also lol @ blackphone… forgot about that thing. Isn’t it closed source and has a closed baseband?

No probz with Linode VPSs either.


Tom, all phones have closed basebands because they’re such a kludge of 20 years of hacks to work with 34324 frequencies and are very insecure, if anyone open sourced a baseband, black/white hats would have a field day.

Holy shit that is awesome

Yeah i don’t know about that phone at all. One of its founders did come up with PGP though, that’s good credentials.

Anywa, endpoint security is the biggest issue of all. Only use your phone inside one of these:

And get a bigger one for your desk.

And maybe a Neo900? http://neo900.org/#main

And don’t have private conversations near clear glass windows, or chip packets, or glasses of water, or anything at all.

Extracting audio from visual information | MIT News Office

The bigger issue is that the Abbot gbment are such fucktards. They’re pitching something they don’t even know the basic terms of, their own intelligence has made it clear policing and keeping track of this will be impossible, cost far more than it’s worth and is totally ineffective.

The biggest threat to national security is the goons running the show … or more correctly, running the show = starting a new buzzword to implement dumb policy without rational basis or merit and thus create perpetual paranoia. It’s because of dumb shit like this that I finally left the US to come back to Oz, now where do i go?

I think I’m gonna run over Abbott riding his bike with my car and get off with a caution because it was an accident.
Maybe then this country will stop chasing ghosts & boogie monsters and actually serve and protect citizens from real threats.

I’ll make sure I’m wearing a FOA cap at my arrest, trial and all media appearances.

Spirito, start a go fund me type of thing, I’ll pre donate $50 to your trial. Have your lawyer reference every cyclist killed by an at fault car without major charges and drag it out for weeks. Sell story to media = Profit?

I’m a tech noob but am interested in a VPN. Am I right that if you have a good setup you can browse without your employer or service provider knowing where you have been? (So they just see you went to the VPN in your browser and nothing else?) And if that’s the case does that also block things like google ads popping up crap which you have recently searched?

Yeah, that’s pretty good, but not enough to make that phone a complete privacy guard.

But yea, PGP rules… have you seen keybase.io? Have used with great success to encrypt API keys/AWS creds/etc that would have otherwise been sent as plaintext to less neckbearded individuals.

Have also seen some more decentralized proof of concepts based on bitcoin etc which escape me.

I use it all the time. If you travel a lot like I do you really should considering using a VPN. You can set it up yourself and it is not that hard :smiley:

noodz of belinda carlisle?

What are you all talking about? Is it some sorta fixie bike thing?