Whoever bought that Z jersey... here's the matching bike.

Greg Lemond Team Z Vintage Road Bike - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 28-Jun-10 13:28:23 AEST)

That would be me. It is the right size…


it was listed at buy it now for $675,

Does this forum have to list every half decent or interesting bike for sale on the bay?

When I don’t plan on buying them, yes.

And FWIW, I originally saw it with the BIN last night, but forgot about it until tonight.

Maybe then ZLTN I’ll have to start taking notice of your taste and size and start posting :wink:

But i suppose you snooze you loose, been watching this for a few days, should have pulled the trigger, 0 feedback delayed me a little.

It is shitty though when something gets outed when its on a 9 day listing under the wrong heading ect. takes the shine off the potential score.

i often wonder why ppl post items they’re really keen on saying things like “hands off” etc

if i found something i really wanted i’d be doing my best to keep it quiet, not post it on here for all the other potential buyers to see it…

as JLN said, if your not buying it i don’t see a problem with it, but if you are why would you advertise it???

crazy kids

Haha rolly, I agree. Things I want to buy, I keep it very quiet. But I’m an ass.

If it was someone on here that placed a bid instead of clicking BIN, you’re an idiot…

some items it’s not worth trying to keep secret, as you know eventually they will end up in this forum.

personally, i probably still wouldn’t post it if i was keen to put in a bid. otherwise, up it goes. i do feel a bit bad for those trying to keep it quiet, but then it mightn’t get notice by someone here if it didn’t get posted.

its always funny when item’s auction price goes higher than their BIN price. if someone here was keen at the BIN price, message the seller.

Andy fyxo had one of these LeMond frames for sale while back.

Did that the second the fist bid was placed, Guy wasn’t interested. This thread (and my tardiness) just cost me $65.