Who's bidding on this one?

Concorde Columbus Road Race Track Bike Bicycle Fixie Rare Harden Hubs Pista in North Ryde, NSW | eBay

Very nice!

If it stays reasonable, me.

For the out of staters I would be more than happy to pick up and post this to you, although there is no guarantee it wouldn’t get lost in the post and happen to be found in my garage.

I am now

I’m currently the high bidder at $51, but my max is $52

Really wish I could think of an excuse to buy another track bike.

I just bought a Concorde roadie off another user on here… Would it be too matchy-match to get this as well?


I second that.

Isn’t this to small for your Henry? Don’t you ride like 57/58?

Its pretty rad. Anyone know much about those cranks?