who's down for a ride

iv been ridein a bike ever seines i got a job and said fuck paying for public transport but about 6/7 moth ago i went from signal speed to fixed and theres no turning back but now im wanting to get in to the scene a bit more and get a posse to ride with.
i live in st kilda and work in south melb at a cafe hit me up if u down
Olie G. gotta love spell check i know sean dus

Ollie G or…

Ali G?

if you’re serious, meet at the state library tonight at 7pm. Or do the wednesday night ride, @ Fed Square 6:30pm.

http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t17092/ is a good place to start. But are you prepared to attack the pack, from the back?

We all want to get into Sean a bit more.

which one would take priority, given that they’re both up there…
Sean the Man, or Sean the Fakenger?

bet you ten bux not.

If I take both will that constitute a ‘posse’?

so i’m not the only one waiting for Aeons to turn 18.
also, welcome to the forums, i hope you’re enjoying the injokes :stuck_out_tongue:

18? Oh yeah, riiiiiight…


which one would take priority, given that they’re both up there…/QUOTE]

Form a line b1tch3$$.

and why are you inviting ali g on group rides, I don’t want to be a part of his “posse” and the “sean” (scene) is dead anyway. Get a cross bike instead.

O to the L to the I to the G Olie G thats me thats me

I’m guessing you popped the e


my point exactly…

this thread = lol²