Who's got Blog


Just Thought I would see if anyone else has a BLOG

I see some people have them in their Signature but i’m sure there is more out there.

Mine is below.

Not many of my own pics 90% rebloged

Like a true tumblr.

Try this thread: http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/t8590/

Just make sure they’re SFW, cos some ain’t !

EDIT: Dylan… I’m waiting for the IT guys to come knocking after I clicked on yours! Check your archive.

I like chaz’s blog. I’d like to create one too but I’m too lazy.


I did do a search and couldn’t find any threads other than one about which site to use


Dubrat, your tumblr is one off my favourites.
Jap cars and track bikes.

Anyway, mine’s in signature. more original photos to come, started the thing, and just reblogged loads of shit, now wanting something different.

Our Perth crew’s Blog - http://beersinteadofgears.tumblr.com/

of sorts, yea - i fkn love charts

i haz blog
it’s 80% SFW, which i suppose makes it NSFW.

You have IT guys? sweet

yeah don’t go back tooooo far.
the first page or so there’s a few noodz

Thanks Horatio! - lately it’s just been pictures of Barry and of things that I ate. It’ll get better soon…

mine has slowed right down, started out as just my own photography, but has digressed slowly, post tax back and my new camera that will magically appear around that time, it will pick back up

I’m relatively new to the blogging game, but here it is nonetheless -> Fame & Spear

100% my stuff, want to do more bike related work though.

Mines in my signature. Its the Molly & Atiba one. It’s just mix “tapes” I made of bands I like. One day I’ll upload more.

blogs are for whiners and women.

mine is in my signature, the blog i have had for a while. the tumblr is just pics i like i find online or repost from others.
I prefer blogs of pics ppl themselves have taken.

I am also a big fan of your blog. Never realised that you were on Fixed Au!

Mine one is in my signature. It is mainly just bikes and architecture (and other hype shit) but I want to focus it more on my final year architecture project, or maybe I’ll just make another…

i have a blog.
it’s a list of books/articles i’ve read.
it’s like an online library resource.

every time i think of starting a picture blog i realise i don’t care enough.

I have a blog where i post my art and stuff… \\ ROSS PAXMAN ////

Murray’s blog is good for a LOL

i don’t understand this statement…