Who's in Bendigo?

Cos this is:

Tandem Side BY Side Buddy Bike in Loddon, VIC | eBay

I was gonna bid till I found out its in Bendigo.

Would be a solid for DDCX

If you wanna buy it, you can store it at my place.

I knew there was a reason I moved to Bendigo.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ve rationalised it with myself as a bike I don’t really need…

Plenty of people up in benders for road nats this weekend. Do it!

of course ONE doesn’t need this, but if there were TWO of you, or someone like you…

This is an interesting development…

is that an offer to come for a spin?

yes, yes it is.

Think about the possible tandem-wheelie-action!

Hit $30!, too rich for my blood.

i’ll put in what you’re willing to pay, so bid up to $60.

ended up at $125! bah

So, this happened at my local 24-hour convenience store earlier this week. Man I wish there was sound!


^ Classic. What a hard arse!