Whos short and likes pink bikes?

Old School Vintage Road Bike ,track fixie 10 speed | eBay

Holy shit! my girlfriend would LOVE that! strip it back, flick all the crap off it, add new Campage Veloce / wheels and on to a winner HA HA

Or even a sram rival groupset?? haha I also need a cheap groupset and 105 is in my sites…

I’d be keen to split. The frame is probs a little small for her, but she can deal with it.

Was hoping this wouldn’t get posted here, nuts! Nothing slips through the FoA cracks!

perfect size and in brisbane, the search is over. looks like ima grab this for the lady.

sorry lads

If only this was 59/60cm!

That’s what you think ha ha

Game over

Pfft… Where’s the sport in that :\

Why are the good cheap bikes always in QLD?

i love hoshi bladed spokes