Why are 11-speed quick links double the price of 10-speed??



I’m not buying that it costs them about double to manufacture the 11-speed quick links.
I’m sensing a… scam

Freds and their money are easily departed.

11-speed links are lighter.

Which one do you actually need right now?

Are you genuinely asking why a specific part needed for a specific system is a seemingly arbitrary (read: expensive) price?

Yes… Hi hmc!!

Hello H mate. The answer is the they can charge whatever they want and so they will to make a profit because Shimano is a company whose responsibility starts and ends with the shareholders profit margins.

Correct, except that it’s KMC.

Still think its a massive scam. The only difference between 10 & 11 is 0. Something mm

didn’t even click on the link.

Didn’t need to, it’s right there in front of you. Get it together Jamesy.

Dude, it’s called PROFIT. They’re making their money on the new stuff while there are few other alternatives from other suppliers.
If you like, I could say that they’re recouping the cost of tooling for the new 11sp standard, but I’d assume that the tooling is identical.
So, they charge you more because they can. And they need to return a profit to remain viable as a business and keep their shareholders happy.

lol true didn’t even see that.

Here ya go H: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/KMC-Missing-Link-11-speed-Chains-For-Shimano-Campagnolo-Silver-/181370168148?hash=item2a3a812354:g:G9oAAOSwEeFVUceS


So XX1 chain you can use 10-speed link… interesting
My needs are more for 2x11 road setup

It’s a scam!

Because these go to eleven


Indeed CC… although we’ll be shortly saying go to twelve thanks to XX1 Eagle.

uh da, Clearly the 11spd is gold and the 10spd is silver.