Why Fixed/SS?

…doesn’t CraigC actually have a room set aside, just for him and his bikes?

Don’t you all??? :?

Don’t you all??? :?[/quote]

Any room does it for me.

Nope. I have the whole house.

Can you ride a 60?

I ride 42x16, seems to work well for Brisbane, top out at 60 km/hr

I also live off Wynnum Rd (Norman Park), as does Rhino (wanky Bulimba)[/quote]

I think I could ride a 60.

I’m a Cannonhill local. Near the trainstation. I’d like to meet some SS/Fixie people if you’re up for it.

There is an intro to track day that a few of us should be at tomorrow. Myself, MikeyD and Rhino will be at Chandler for the 1pm session.

Rhino is also talking about getting a bit of a fixie ride and coffee drinking session going one Saturday morning.
I will get back in his ear about it tomorrow.

That’d be great. It’d have to be after 10am though because I race C grade on Saturday morning. until 10am. But that’s Geared Roadies, so I’ll have to ride home grab the Single and show up… I’m in though for sure.

I’m not very good, I’m far from fast. But if you can put up with a slow old bastard riding with you, I’ll tag along.

Nope. I have the whole house.[/quote]

Now your talking.

Ask my missus about our house!!

In the process of building a shed.

Shes’ under the impression its gonna have a heated slab to keep the bikes warm!!! :lol:

S***, I remember them, used to be good, got lonely after a bit tho …