why, oh merciful god, why!

i like kick bikes.
let me say that first and foremost.
they are fun, cheap, easy to use, cheap, kinda goofy cool, and best of all, cheap.
so why this?

i’ve had cars that would have cost less than that thing (which i’ll admit says more about my dislike for cars than this kick bike).
all 3 of my work bikes combined would cost less than that.
my last motorcycle would have been cheaper!
ah well, to each his or her own.
it does indeed take all kinds to make a world.

I hate to break this sto you Lupe, but kickbikes are really scooters. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

for many years i had huskies.
the dogs, not any other perversion you lot may be thinking of.
i had a kickbike with a Dring welded to the front of it that i used to use for trace training the dogs.
was the best fun in the world to go bombing thru southbank with 2 sled dogs running flat out and me laughing like an idiot the whole time.
but, yes, they are an overgrown scooter and the best that can be said for them is that at least they don’t fold up under you like most scooters.

I commuted on my Kickbike it for a couple of years before I moved to the 'burbs. I still have my Kickbike. I still like my Kickbike.

Because it has it’s own EFTPOS machine instead of a water bottle.