Why we shouldn't complain about our roads here

Five cyclists die in five days - National - NZ Herald News

5 cyclists killed in NZ in the past week. The roads over there a bad enough for driving on let alone riding.


Shit Stu, sounds like a dangerous stretch of road. Did you have any accidents/close calls whilst you were there?

No, not really but Tamaki Drive is the main stretch of road from the CBD out along the bays - its Auckland’s beach rd equivalent and pretty sketchy as it’s essentially an unseparated, relatively narrow, 2 lane road with carparking along nearly the whole length of the road on both sides in places plus there is much greater bus traffic and truck traffic through there than on beach road. They desparately need to remove parked cars from that road to make it safer.

Riding out in the countryside around Auckland felt less safe than we are used to here - the cars seem to drive faster and there is hardly any margin strip available on a great proportion of the roads I rode on.

Someone with more NZ riding experience might contradict me but those were my impressions.


Not to mention all the one lane (Thats ONE lane only) bridges for two directions of traffic. I came across a bridge that was one lane wide, for two directions of traffic, and pedestrians, and a train line. You just had to pull up and wait your turn if anything else was on it.

“She welcomed the Chief Coroner’s plan to investigate the common factors in the deaths.”… cars maybe?!

and, one would assume, bikes.

or, the only real common factor… people

Not a good time to be a Kiwi apparently?
Rest in peace.