Wider Tyres

Building a singlespeed for the other half who would prefer some comfortable tyres.

Personally I only ride 700x23c and have ridden Rubino Pro 3s (150TPI) which I found very comfortable, Diamantes (cut a little too easy) and am currently trying out a new tyre, the Mavic Askions (supposedly made by Vittoria) which I love - good traction, skid well but a little slippery in the wet that’s all.

She’s tried the Rubino Pros and she likes them, but hopes for a slightly fatter tyre for cobblestone streets and some dirt.

Any recommendations for a nice 700x25c or 700x28c tyre that’s good in the wet? I understand 25c may not be wide enough, so keen to hear your thoughts.

Weight-savings and decent puncture protection are the most important considerations. Gum walls are a bonus.

Schwalbe Durano.


+100 for puncture resistance (get the ‘Plus’ model) but not so much on the weight side of things

Gatorskin 28s. I’ve tried A LOT of tyres, these win for a whole bunch of reasons - roll well, never puncture, good on hard pack gravel, ok in the wet, not too heavy., cheap ish.

Gatorskins are rubbish!! The side wall falls apart like a tissue dipped in custard

Another +1 for duranos

Another happy Durano (plus) rider here.

i also have durano performance on my surly. had them on there for a while now and they are fast yet reliable, and never had a puncture

GP 4 seasons.

of course, if you want nice, wide, light & gumwall, Grand Bois (EL) is your jam.

Would have thousands of kilometres on my 28s, yeah the sidewalls are starting to go and the tread has worn square but they still aren’t puncturing. …and I abuse the hell out of them. Dirt road touring, single track forays, plus Forestry Roads and they are still going strong. Can’t say the same of my Challenge Strada Biancas or Schwalbe Supremes.

Durano, in 28’s are the shiz(folding version) available from wiggle. Gatorskins are made of wee, and slippery as fuck in the wet.

Thanks for the input so far guys. Curious about the Duranos now, but she won’t be using it for skids (we’re running it as a singlespeed) - just a lot of commuting on roads and some occasional gravel if she’s up for it.

I’ve not used Gatorskins before but are they any good in the wet? I hope not to get worried about her slipping on a wet day on pavement. It’d be her all-weather bike.

How do they compare to the Conti Gatorskins? Just the price-sensitive side of meself groaning a bit…

Grand Bois will be out for now, maybe on my (future) touring bike!

Fitted a set of these yesterday and took them for a ride and I was a little impressed.

Gatorskins are slippery like toddler snot in the wet. For the uses you describe, Durano Plus.

toddler snot, made of wee, tissue dipped in custard. he’s buying the gatorskins.

Used to swear by Hatorskins.

Worst tyres.

I’d go Vittoria Randos before Gators. Never once had a flat with them and they stick in the wet. A bit heavier, but if you’re not racing, who cares.

I enjoy Panaracer Pasela 25’s, but I’m a sucker for anything with gum walls.