Wife's Berretto SS

Berretto ex Q.A.S track frame 47 st.
Campy wheels cst gum walls.
Roselli track cranks, bb.
Colossi risers and pink oury’s.
Concor jnr saddle from Gypo

Thanks to Eric and Gypo for letting me drag all my crap int gear and help me out with the parts.

Nice one. But platforms on this build? SHESHHHHH
Also can’t you fit a front brake on that fork? Danger IMO.

ha what a nice build for the wife! that’s some mean clearance on the front. also, platforms?

Very beautiful bike — your wife is a lucky lady.

But why have you fitted only a rear brake?

Clearly you need at least one brake, as the bike is single speed. However, the fork (very nice fork BTW) has already been drilled for a front brake. If you really want to fit only one brake, then it should be a front one — as Sheldon said:-
With bicycles, as with virtually all wheeled vehicles, the front brake is the more important and effective brake. The front brake by itself will stop a standard bicycle twice as fast as a rear brake by itself. The front brake by itself will stop a standard bicycle as fast as both brakes used together, except on very slippery surfaces.”

Is it because there’s very little clearance? Does that mean that you need a super short drop caliper? If so, please ask for one on this forum.

IMHO, I think the bike would look better ‘balanced’ with two brakes, or even just a single front brake. It would also be safer and perform better — because you can carry a higher speed deeper into a braking zone if your brakes are more effective.

Plattforms cos she is a girl with girls shoes.
No front brake cos she is hip as fuck does mad skids.
Good luck fitting a brake to that fork crown. Wouldn’t even have the clearance for the new ones that rear mount and go inside the steerer tube and i dont think a clamp on will work.
She loves it Happy wife Happy life.

so true =D

maybe a coaster rear hub for a cleaner look? she’ll still rip skids =)

What? like Vans? LOL.
Get some Silvan tourers at the very least.

You can get a very short reach brake. And I don’t see how having one less brake makes you “cooler”. Not so cool if someone pulls out on her, eh?

Nice work all the same.

Im looking for a short reach but dont think they make them this short.
Sylvan tourers are way to sharp for girls flats most metal pedals are and no my girl aint the vans wearing type more into jimmy choo shit (she wishes)and have you seen what toures do to shins ouch.
It’s just her cruiser gypo’s girl rides the same most girls shoes dont have a sole they are just thin leather or material.
The sylvan road or track are probably the pick for value or white brothers if your loaded.

Its a 47cm with 700c. The clearances are mental in this thing because of it. a front brake is way off fitting.

there should be a brake that fits otherwise why would it be drilled for brakes? come on, don’t give up!

I drilled it trying to make it happen.

surely a clamp on could/should work??

clamp on gotta be a last resort surely. You could use a “Drop Bolt” installed upside down, couldn’t you?

Geez everyone’s a critic these days.

Those fork blades probably wouldn’t like hard braking anyway. They look like oval blades?

And unless she’s tearing around at high speed (which doesn’t sound like the case) then a rear brake will be just fine. And in fact, rear is probably better than front if she doesn’t ride fast.

Despite what Sheldon says, he’s not always right for everyone.

Whoa there! Too much common sense in one hit.

Yeah it’s a track bike not tarck bike I had to dremell out the crown to fit a 23c and it has about 3mm clearance .
It’s a 47 with 700c pre compact it is what it is fun rideable and safe.
She probably has more skills than half the muppets I see riding Bmx and fixed brakeless.
I live on the sunshine coast our roads are nice and traffic is low.

Agree except for this. Oval blades are better at taking braking forces than round.

I meant round :slight_smile:

OMG you are questioning Sheldon??

Probably not the best frame for the job, especially when you have to bust out the drill, dremel and cable ties.

But I agree with your pedal choice, much more lady friendly(my girl didn’t like her sylvans)

ps. is it just me or are the rear dropouts pointed up??