Wifes MASH

53cm (M) Mash

My wife’s been bugging me for about a year to build her a Mash,
but I couldnt convince her to wait for the new colour scheme or
go the Green/White as I ride the Grey one…

Was originally put it together with White Cinelli Pepper bars/stem/post
& White rolls saddle & white conti tyres, but dont think the colours worked as
well as I thourght.


lucky girl
you can be matching couple

Mmmm… I might ride a different bike
When she chooses diss-a one !! :slight_smile:

I painted up her Aerospoke & another B43 to match.

I reckon some gunmetal ano parts would look a treat on this build. What’d’ya think?

ps - how come you lady puts up with a Rolls? All the girls I know ride them for 10 mins and say that they’re the most uncomfortable saddle ever.

gunmetal crank would be much better than the white one since the mash is grey :smiley: also dont forget the chain :stuck_out_tongue:

any thought of white saddle? :slight_smile:

Was going to powder the chain Pink, but cant match it perfect.
I originally built it with White Cinelli Pepper bars, White Cinelli Ant stem, White Cinelli Vai post
& White Rolls saddle & White Conti tyres… It looked Shit

She finds the rolls to be fine. I have one on her road bike, I guess it comes down to setting them
up right. I’ve used one for 10+ years & swear by them.

Im working on a little “something else” to jazz it up. I’ll see later this week if it works or not.

Very lucky girl! Nice combo pink and grey

Ha ha! yes I know from personal experience about how too much white on a bike can look - lets just say… white Levis… hmmmm…

Last week I saw a guy riding a bike where everything - and I mean everything - was white. Looked like he’d knicked off with one of those memorial bikes you see around the city. Sshesh!

  • I should also mention that he was heading in the direction of Chapel St? LOL

goose, does she ever commute through the museum?
that pink aerospoke rings a bell …

he is from Brisbane, you are from Melbourne?
Unless he is in a long distance relationship with his wife, then I’d say it’s not the bike.

haha +1