Wiggle 5 Pound voucher

Alright kids, I have a code for a voucher for 5 pounds from wiggle that I am not going to use.
The catch is, it has to be used within 14 days of todays date and you have to spend over 25 pounds.

If you want it, post a lol cat below. The best LOL judged by me gets the 5 squid.

Entry closes at 5pm today.

Dont you get free 5 pound discounts everytime you subscribe and unsubscribe from there newsletter?


Haha, bullshit… I had no idea.

I just got one emailed to me because I hadn’t bought anything from them in a while. Clever smack dealing tactics.

All I wanted was some lolcats maaaaan

I don’t want a voucher, but here you go:

don’t care for voucher, just love lolcatz…

lolcatz are overrated

Shittest cat lol thread ever.

Here is the code ed9d0-83e53

Have at it cat haters.