wiggle delivery times

Just ordered a set of time acac XS pedals and some time MTB shoes from wiggle. Was wondering how long others have waited for their wiggle orders to arrive? I ordered yesterday and I’m hoping to get them by the 14th of May.

Been covered I’m pretty sure, but I’d say you’d get them sooner than the 14th

did it say they were in stock when you ordred them? if yes, they will normally be here by then.


^^^ this.

I ordered some shit on sat or sunday. should turn up today or tomorrow.

last time i ordered stuff it took 4 days.

I ordered 3 different parcels before Easter. None have shown yet. A bit sluggish for them inncomparison to previous orders.

probably has something to do with the ~5 public holidays that england has had in the last 10 worrking days…

i ordered from wiggle on easter friday. item arrived the following thursday despite friday-wed being write offs.

i also did a pre-easter order, and the one (of 3 that the order was split into) that was sent has arrived.

4 working days seems to be how long it takes with my orders.

I got a package before I’d even ordered it!

I did a search but zillions of threads showed up with a reference to “wiggle”.

Looks like I can expect my stuff pretty rapidly then. Choice n shit.

refine your search topic. 10th from the top.

last time i ordered, with all stuff that was in stock, 3 working weeks without priority processing. Pretty disappointing, next time i’ll try that.

4 days go to whoa > with the extra $6 post express

The stuff i ordered on Good Friday still hasnt turned up yet. I expected it this friday just gone. Probably monday. This is the longest it has ever taken a wiggle order to turn up for me.

I blame these two


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I’m in the same boat waiting for my order. I was hoping it would turn up yesterday, ordered almost two wks ago.

Just to have a bit of a gloat: I ordered a helmet and sundries on Thursday, it was at my desk on Monday morning. A-Ma-Zing.