WIGGLE HAS 20% off helmets today

As title suggests wiggle are doing some nice specials on helmets today, important to note that they don’t have the Australian standards sticker on them though.


Just had a look at your bike thread Jasey. Bugger, especially on the chrome and saddle, now I understand why you think this is perfect! Some sexy helmets in there for less than $150 delivered. Good luck and lovely bike too

I was looking at a buying a helmet on wiggle about two months ago but they weren’t sending them to Australia due to standards issues. Does anyone know whether this is still the case?

was it a particular brand? ie giro? specialized?

I got a giro from there, no dramas. Late last year.

yeh me too, but i think the change was recent where they were no longer sending Giros.

Is it to do with distribution rights?

Yeah, it was a Giro. Not sure whether distro rights came into it. Either way, I will try again.

I don’t think there are such things as dist rights any more, didn’t that get wiped a while ago? or was it just alc related it got wiped? i go the whisper plus form there this year and have gotten the kompact pro for a few friends as well.

There are- for instance you can’t buy Focus bikes on Wiggle if you make your location ‘Australia’.

Yes Virginia… there are such things as distribution rights.

more importantly, I can’t get the catlike whisper, due to it not being compliant. SUCKS ASS!

do you mean you can’t just because it doesnt have the sticker on it? or will wiggle not let you order it?
If it’s just a case of not having the aust compliance sticker, I really wouldnt worry too much, plenty of people are using catlikes in melbourne without a problem. You’d have to be super unlucky to get done for that (although there has been one or two instances of cops checking helmets) and if you’re that worried just pinch a sticker off a shitty kmart helmet and stick it in yours

don’t know if wiggle ships it, more a of a case what happens in case of an accident, would TAC cover that if I was hit by a car, and they found the helmet wasn’t compliant, or cops checking, etc?

rather not take the risk, seeing the s-works I’ve got is just as well ventilated and safe, just doesn’t look as good.

I think this is one of the ‘grey areas’. I’ve asked on the forum before what would happen in a similar situation, and it would appear it’s a bit difficult to determine, but I was told by a few people that the best way to find out would be to call/ e-mail your insurance provider and find out directly. I ended up paying the extra money and buying a helmet here, rather than from Wiggle. It’s reassuring to know that you will be covered if in an accident.

or just keep a ‘spare’ crashed helmet, ie any old helmet with a sticker, and just show em that when the insurance man comes along. Im quite sure mr insurance man wont be assesing you as soon as you crash! Would be good if it was a similar shape/colour.

Not advocating, just saying.

hahaha, nice one jase, keep a spare crashed one just so I can ride with non approved helmet? I’m not that desperate for a catlike whisper, I’d rather go with 1 helmet thats good to go. It’s not like the Spez Sworks KOTM is a shite helmet, thats for sure.

The insurance thing is an issue, not just for you own insurance but also government-based insurance/cover (the name slips my mind). I know people who’ve had serious crashes and the cops/ambos have kept their helmets for reference. The govt’s always keen to avoid paying out money where possible, I wouldn’t tempt fate.