wiggle in oz.

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“fight the internet fire” is the signature quote from one of the mentioned distros, plz explain.

"Overseas online bike shops are criticised by Australian business as they ‘cost local jobs’ and Wiggle CEO Stefan Barden confirms, “it’s no surprise that the market [Australia] has become one of our biggest overseas territories in the very short time that we’ve been trading here.”

The Amy Gillet Foundation was openly challenged in April by local distributer FE Sports for signing them up as an events sponsor. David Lee of the AGF responded, “The reality is that over many years the tangible support the AGF has received from the broader Australian retail industry has been minimal and certainly has not contributed to the growth we have been able to achieve through other means.”

The rift in the Australian cycling industry however now gets another nudge with Wiggle today announcing that they have opened a Sydney office. Does this mean that Wiggle are now local?

Wiggle CEO Stefan Barden elaborates on this move, “It was therefore important for us to put something back into the community and invest in local jobs, get involved with local sports events and work alongside the excellent cycling safety and advocacy groups, the Amy Gillett Foundation and Bicycle Network.”

The Australian office is the first overseas office for Wiggle and will be led by Adam Johnson as the General Manager. Johnson has leadership experience as the CEO of lastminute.com and travel.com.au.
While Wiggle trail behind Chain Reaction Cycles in annual turnover (according to public financial records) they have been more dominant in the Australian market and sponsor numerous cycling events and partner with advocacy organisations."