Wiggle order

I want to buy about 5-6 tubes (23 x 700c) but that won’t be enough to get free postage etc.

Next time someone wants to order something can they include my order and I’ll deposit some funds before the order?


pick up enough to make the free delivery quota and then on sell them here. They’d be easy enough to get rid of.

I might do that next time I order.

Your location would probably be relevant… :wink:

You can’t buy tubes from your local shop?


(If all your LBS’ are for some reason way too pricey on tubes, torpedo7.com.au usually do 10 packs of tubes quite cheap and post for $7.)

Agreed. If you can’t afford a few tubes, buy one tube and some patches. I just got 100 patches for about 3 bucks. And Kmart do 700c tubes for a fiver, and they’re nice and thick: perfect for street riding.

Of course my LBS has tubes but it’s hard to find any for less than $9.
I was just wanting to get a few more and keep them in case.

Yes I do patch my punctures mate

Hey mate, I’m gonna put through a Wiggle order and I need about $30 to get me over. Happy to get some stuff for you – only if you are in Melbourne though.

^ nope Brisbane

PM Sent diddy.

Thanks guys in responding to my post. I’m now sorted thanks to dfunkt.

I should note I got some good replies … it might be worth keeping this thread open as a spot to organise Wiggle shipments.

anyone up for the next one? im in melb. might place order nxt week. send me PM…

$9 dollars is a lot for a tube, i wont pay more than 7 for one from a shop.

nobody? will put it through on Friday…