Wiggle Xmas Discounts

Wiggle is offering some good discounts until Monday night:

$10 off any $50 order: use voucher code – afree-10AUD
$30 off any $150 order: use voucher code – afree-30AUD

Whats Wiggle?

done and done. new stuff on way.

Cheers mckenny. that link made my day. haha :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 free gator…yay! out of stock, booo

So is it spend $50.00, and they give you $10.00 back, so you end up spending $40.00?
If so that’s cool, coupled with the $20.00 Paypal voucher that means $20.00!

Would anyone more familiar with wiggle hazard a guess as to whether this will be as good a deal as we’re likely to see this side of christmas? I have a big ol’ shopping cart full of stuff but I don’t need it right away…

I doubt you’re going to see a deal much better than this (I’d be happy to be wrong), plus if you have an order of several items totaling over about $180 you can split it up for more discounts.

You mean split it to get both the 10 and 30? I might give that a crack…

My original plan of splitting my order into a bunch of 150 orders to continually score the 30 backfired when I discovered you only get one voucher…

I might as well go ahead with it, then stop checking wiggle so I don’t see any future discounts :smiley:

Yeah thats what i meant, except i just realised you would have to spend at least $200 for multiple discounts, I was thinking about how much you would have to spend for free postage on both orders

To bad they don’t have Giro helmets.
Might be time to nab some Sidi’s :slight_smile:

but but, you wouldn’t be rocking BO straps.

Bad publicity right there. :stuck_out_tongue:

gypo’s sunday morning coffee shop show off has turned sour since the other guys started giving him shit for rockin BO straps on his roadie :stuck_out_tongue:

in case you missed last week’s offer, they now have $30 off a $200 order until Monday 14th

code: xmas3-0auds

Awesome! time for a new saddle.

did anyone notice that rockshox tora 318 solo air that was for sale for $180 for about an hour as part of the 21 day sale. It said that there was 23 hours left on the deal, but when i tried to buy it they had swapped it out for some backpack, the toras weren’t sold out either. WTF wiggle?

Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon $226 cause they’re the special of the day and the $30 still comes off. If i had the $ i’d be on it.

excellent price, thanks and bought a pair

are all the voucher deals over?