wiiiide road shoes

I know of Garneau, and they are damn close but would like to try on a couple of others before I bite the bullet. Is there any other brands that do something similar?

I’m putting the wrong things into the googles. :frowning:

SIDI do a wide fit, as do GIRO.

My lake mtb shoes are hell of wide, and I imagine their road shoes are the same. I’ve never owned any Garneaus though so I can’t compare directly. My Giro high volume jobbies feel taller, if you know what I mean, rather than wider.

This is all mtb as well, plus maybe my feet are a little demented. You know what; ignore me.

My lake shoes are way too wide, have to do the velcros up as far as they go to get a snug fit.

Sidi do a wide option, but only in the Genius - NOT in the ergo, which sucks. Lake road shoes are worth a look. Mine had a really wide toe-box that led to a very long time of comfortable riding. Northwave are also wider than normal in this respect. Steer clear of Specialized, they’re quite narrow.

I’ve got Sidi megas and Shimano wide-fit. My feet are horrendously wide and also stupidly flat. I had an extra bone in each of them where my arch should be, and had said bones removed when I was 14. My feet resemble those of a hobbit, but with slightly less hair. Both the Sidi and Shimano wide options work for me.


Not narrow in comparison to their competitors, Wider toe box than most brands as standard, and then also come in an Extra wide fit in S-Works should you need it. All BG models also have good arch support built into the sole profile as standard unlike Shimano, etc.

I found Diadora’s a little roomier (maybe not necessarily wider) than Shimano and Exustar in the same sizes. Plus I’ve heard that Northwave’s run wide.

not to hijack thread, but what shoes would you avoid if looking for a wide shoe?

(i.e. what shoes are really narrow)

This fill’s me with confidence. Now to find somewhere who has em in stock that I can try on.

Northwave’s obnoxiously bright MTB colours dont transfer to road which sux.

Thanks for all the replys’

For real? I wish I’d known they had a wide option when I bought some. Those S Works shoes with two boa’s made me want to quit cycling. I take a 44 normally, and I couldn’t even fit my foot in the shoe’s opening. I had them padded up with four bandaids a side too. I guess they just weren’t for me.

fo realz,

The nice thing about the longitudinal arch support is that even in the ‘flat-foot’ mode they can give better arch support than Shimano’s for instance. This can then be tailored with mid and high arch footbeds dependent on your feet.

What do you mean by having them “padded up with band-aids”? I’m a bit confused haha.

Just to clarrify, I work for a Specialized dealer. I’d like to think I’m not one of those shop dudes to be sucked in by marketing rubbish, I truly think all of the Specialized product is really well considered in it’s design. They generally just make good shit.

Diadora and Shimano. I’d look at replacing the insoles to something with arch support though.


Some of the Northwaves are nice and wide, they’re about the only factory shoes I can wear (duck-wide forefoot, narrow heels, high arches). They make a triathlon shoe that I’ve found very comfortable for my wide feet.

At the risk of turning this into a bike fit thread - I tried the specialized insole sizing machine and it sized me up for the blue ones. According to Steve Hogg, it’s still nowhere near enough arch support for riding - everyone should go at least two sizes up for arch support based on specialized’s recommendations. I remedied this by putting some cotton wool balls under my foot arches for extra support.

On the arch support note, I have to remove Sidi insoles and replace them with super flat ones torn out of my old Macbeths. Zero arch, zero fucks.


Definitely made for people with 4 toes.

And the cleat holes are so far forward they present a terribly inefficient pedalling position (unless you are a toes-down pedaller) bound to give you calf and leg problems. Some good reading here.

Warning: kooky.
POWER TO THE PEDAL – CLEAT POSITION » Bike Fit » Feet » Steve Hogg’s Bike Fitting Website

I guess Iam running the MTB version, which are perhaps different. I’ve got it set up to where Hogg told me to place my foot (12mm, same as this link).