I ran over a ibis in the Queen St Mall this morning.
They are just too dumb. I did stay upright which I was surprised at.

Hope it’s ok :expressionless:

hahahahahaha wtf

^ sorry I need to add not on purpose…it was an accident

Saw a car run over a scrub turkey (a local protected species) at the University of Queensland yesterday. Sadistic fucker didn’t even slow down or stop to try to avoid it, just drove through laughing. Accidental is unfortunate, inevitable and I’m ok with that. Laughing as you speed into it, that’s just low. I caught up to him and gave him heaps. Made the little fucker come back and ring campus grounds staff to let them know and apologise. All through it he kept trying to weasel out of it like a little bitch.

yeah, on purpose is fucked. like pricks who hit cats crossing roads on purpose because they dont like them. thats someones beloved pet you cunts.

my mum hit a cat once when i was in the car by accident. she stopped to see if it was alright. happened right outside the owners house. dont think i have ever seen a kid so upset in all my life.

you wernt tempted to peel the turkey from the road, take it home and cook up a feast tonight dan :sunglasses: :-D?

There was an article in the courier mail a few months ago about the scrub turkeys in Brisbane raping peoples chickens…

Anyway - I always wave to the Geese over at UQ whenever I ride our run past them.

And yes, Ibis are dumb. I call them ‘dump birds’ because they are always going through the rubbish.

Nah I’d rather cook up some tofurkey :smiley:

I rode over a pigeon once in Swanston St. They make a surprising loud pop when squished by a 23mm tire.

Riding the rest of the way to work with Sky Rat blood and guts all over my legs was not fun, all I could think of was the Sky Rat parasites boring their way into my skin.

I’ve come very close to riding over pigeons, but thankyou nurbs I now have a disturbing real life picture of the ‘aftermath’… :evil:

Can we see pictures of your bike? :roll:

you guys are awesome.

fuck ppl who intentionally hurt any animals, but man, you can’t help but laugh when accidents happen…

It was a few years ago now… But I can assure you I rode like a Bat out of Hell to get in the shower.

It was either an extremely dumb or unlucky pigeon… those things are quick.

I hit an ibis once in Brisbane at Southbank. Flew right into my path, stupid arsehole.

As for cats, I wouldn’t ever deliberately hit one, but they are a menace. Any owner who lets a cat out to wander the streets is basically personally killing native Australian wildlife: birds, possums, koalas, what have you. Think about that next time little Johnny cries that his cat is dead: it probably killed 20 rainbow lorikeets before justice found it…


Ran over a rat once. No blood, just dead rat.

There is an underpass right near my house that is the residence of a few hundred pigeons, I was riding home from work one night and my lights must have startled them. It all happened in slow motion, my eyes grew larger and met the eyes of an on coming pigeon, I could see my reflection in it’s lifeless black eyes… and then our noggins collided. I never thought I would clash heads with a pigeon in my life.

Whenever I ride through that underpass I now have a connection with that particular pigeon. We nod at each other in the way you nod at another rider. His name is arnold.

awesome story man. love it

is that the underpass that goes under drakeford drive? i get pidgeon all over me in there, dirtly little bastards.

These bastards have been spotted on the rampage again down my way. And that fucken magpie on Humphries Rd.

I got absolutely canned by a magpie last week near a park in Carindale (Brisbane).
Gave me a fucking headache for a day or so.

This is the underpass… beware.